Are you just wanting to breath again?

Tired of your eyes being all puffy!

Tired of medications - which - after reading the label warnings, you are not so sure you really want to take, but what are your choices?

The stuff that we have been putting into our bodies (not so good) and then our body lets us know it doesn't have the nutrients it needs (asthma allergies, sickness) so what do we do?

On this page:
On this page I'm adding information that  will assist us to support our bodies, and enhance our immune systems, with out chemicals.

*  Articles on the cause's of allergies, and how closely asthma is tied to allergies.
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What are some of the cause of Allergies?
 The main cause is a weaken immune system. Our immune system is very, very amazing! It is also incredibility complex!

Dr. Frank Painter has a great article, talking about Natural Approaches for Managing Asthma. And lots more fascinating information.  You can read the full article here.
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Great discussion by experts and testimonials by people who can now breath (part of the learn and earn program for members):

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What does Dr. Brouse says in his book "Build A Better You", page 136 of the 7th edition:

Allergies and sensitivities are adverse response to particular foods, inhalants (airborne substance) or chemicals.  These offending substances can produce symptoms such as sneezing, joint aches and pains, itching, congestion, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, rashes, hives, contact dermatitis and/or mood swings.

The terms "allergies" and "sensitivities" are often used to mean the same thing, although many sensitivities are not true allergies because they are not the result of an over-stimulated immune system, as are allergies.  Many times, allergies and sensitivities are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, causing the sufferer to use medication that masks the symptoms.  This can eventually lead to more severe immune conditions. Detecting allergies or sensitivities or eliminating the exposure to the offending substances, and restoring the body's balanced immune system can eliminate this debilitating condition.

Allergic responses often come from foods.  The five greatest offenders are milk products, gluten-containing grains, eggs, corn and soy.  Many foods have these offenders in them, often hidden from the casual observer.  Another source of allergic offense is from the environment of molds, seeds, pollens and spores  of grasses, plants and trees.  Allergic Rhinitis is a seasonal hay fever from one of these offenders. 

Avoiding the offending substance can usually provide immediate improvement and provides time to strengthen the immune system, which will provide permanent desensitivity.  Chemical reactions are a growing concern due to the increase exposure in our polluted world.  Water, air, plastics, cosmetics, household cleaners, building materials, is just a partial list of possible chemicals to which most of us are regularly exposed.  The reaction to these chemicals, for some, can encourage other condtions such as ADD/ADHD, cnacer, arthritis, depression and high blood pressure, to name a few.

Note: the "book" explaining all the various mechanisms of allergies has not yet been written.  Physicians and scientists have much to learn before being able to understand how the body empresses its rejection of certian substances. 

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