Cinch - Inch Loss

Cinch, Inch Loss Plan
100% Guarantee! Cinch has leucine so you keep muscle, burn fat, lose inches and say bye-bye to the yo-yo diet, hello to the swimsuite!

Does it work, yep! 
Yes I'm losing weight and my husband is losing weight!  Check out my blog for more info. on my personal weight loss journey!

To see what I'm doing, or not doing, depending on the week, check out my blog: 
Robin's blog.   

Laura Evans explains Cinch Inch loss works for a 40 something, mother of 3 with a demanding job that includes LOTS of travel. Click here to watch and hear her story.

Brag Book:

Need some motivation?
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.
Watch, read and listen as Jacqui shares with us how challegnes as she lost over 200 pounds.
Why is her story here? She was talking Shaklee foodsupplments during the year of extreme weight loss!
Now, so are season 3, and many of the crew!

Tips, tricks and Resources!

1. If you want to lose weight & inches on this program, then you need to do the program.  Trust me, for a long time, I just "tried" and did "some" and generally messed around! Not so helpful for weight loss.

2. You really do need to track what you are eating and doing (moving). I kid you not, it's a real surprise to see what you are eating, and not eating!  So, TRACK your intake!

3. Your body needs you to move, often.  You may just start with a walk around the couch,  then the front door, then out the door to the street, then to the next light post or mail box... Before you know it, you will be walking a lot! It's awesome.  You have to move. Your body is made to move. Every movement you make, takes your closer to your goal! Love how that works out.

Do you have these in the kitchen?

1. I love the measuring/serving spoons from weight watchers. I have the 1/2 cup and full cup. Great to help keep my portion control in check! We also have measuring spoons and scoops every where for measuring what ever it is I want to eat! Success is in the little things!

2. Scale. Seriously. How can you tell if it's 4 oz or 6 oz if you are eye balling it?  I don't know about you, but that's part of what got me into trouble in the first place!


1. Shaklees' site. This is a pay for use site. When you purchase a  Cinch Starter Kit, you also get 3 months of the site! It is very helpful! It is about $3.50 a month after your first 3 months. I think you will find this resource to be very awesome! Check it out!

2. Just 10 lbs. Yes I know, there are a zillion diet books, I think I have read most of them - not really, but it feels like that. Does it feel that way to you too? Dr. Oz loves Brad Lamm and his work. 

The bookJust 10 LBS: Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (Finally)  is actually pretty remarkable. It gently walks you through all the steps you need to be healthy in mind and also in body. Pretty cool book. Also available in e-reader.

 Be kind to yourself. Everyday is a new Day, and a fresh start. If yesterday didn't end so great, learn from it, and try something different today. We are all a work in progress.

Contact me with any questions. I know it's a commitment to get Healthy, but it's so much cheaper than massive and expensive health problems.


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