Favorite Links & Conference Calls

 Who we do business with locally:

Craig Noel
Sun Automotive


American Red Cross

Deb Bean
Remax Integrity, Realtor


Jeannie Sterry
Columbia State Bank


Andy Core
Farmers Insurance


Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. He's the author of the classic "Start with Why".
David Allen - GTD (Getting Things Done). The art of stress free productivity. http://gettingthingsdone.com/


New Parents:
The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) is FREE and a great way to track, from the comfort of your own home, your child's development. Is your baby on track? This is a parent completed child monitoring system by the University of Oregon.
This is the link to the web site:

Healthy Children:
Dr. Doris Rapp - Toxins and our children:

Earth based web sites

Environmental Working Group

Skin Deep - Cosmetics database.  What is really in those products you use?  

Mother Nature Network

Nutrional Information Links: 

Linus Pauling Institute:

Nutrition & More:

Dr. Doris Rapp - Toxins and children
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Eugene, Oregon (local):

Working on my inner fitness Diva these people  keep my body functioning, both healing and working out:

Eugene Local Foods
Food Buying group. Once a week you order the food you want from the web site. Numerous pick up locations through out the Eugene area. The food is all locally grown, within a 250 mile area. Is mostly organic or in the process of becoming certified. Very awesome program.

My current gym is Courtsports West: 
Currently loving the 6 am spin class - awesome instructor!

Conservative Pain Solutions

Dr. Casey Ferguson
2866 Crescent Ave., Suite 105
Dr. Ferguson is a paperless office and he specializes in sports issues. From elite to "regular" folks!

Hands on Health Care
Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. John K. LeGat, DC, PC
1142 Willagillespie, Suite 10, Eugene, OR.
Dr. LeGat got me through training for the 1/2 Marathon! Thanks!

Becaue I have Trigeminal Neuralgia I love my acupuncturist. Her skill and my work, seems to be keeping my face pain at a managable level. :-)
Rachael Rubin
Emerals Acupuncture Center

Massage Therapist - Trisha Kluge
Trisha has been very active all her life, in fact, she did the ultra run Rim 2 Rim (Grand Canyon - seriously!) so she knows the body, and what needs work, and how to help get that muscle to release. Very awesome. With out Trisha and her skills I would not be running!

Gina Dhom Head Swim Coach Emerald Aquatics

Chi Running - Dr. Keith McConnell, PhD, Certified ChiWalking/Running Instructor. This is about running/walking and NOT getting injured. Iron Mom Robin (check her blog!)  has been doing Chi running for 5 years! If it's good enough for a Mom, who is an IronMan Mom, well, works for me! 
Contact him at DrKeithCoach.com

Brad Lamm has written a excellent LifeStyle changing book (how to diet book) "Just 10 lbs". His preceptive is different from other diet books I have read or looked at. Gentle, smart, helpful and there is a free work book to download!

Other sites of interest:

When in Portland, OR. enjoy eating at a local community resturant:
My daughters resturant:

http://www.oga.org/  Oregon Golf Association

http://www.usatriathlon.org/ Triathlon

http://www.teamradioshack.us/ Lance and buddies - Team Radioshack!

 http://www.womensenews.org Womens e-news. Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives.

Fun Club that likes to play outdoors!:
Oregon Track Club. Awesome group of folks. They organize all the meets, help sponsor local runs and, check out their web site, then become a member!.

IronMom: If you are a Mom, if you are into fitness, if you home school, etc. you will enjoy checking out Robin's blog.

FeelSoAliveblog.com:  I blog about finding that elusive inner fitness Diva. Come join me on my journey to a healther life style.

Our sites:
To purchase: Our Shaklee Web site. Feel free to check it out, look around, you can place your order on our site, or call us, or text message us if you have questions:  541.525.0703 or toll free: 1.800.965.6131
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This site has LOTS of information on it. Info to print, info to listen to, it's pretty awesome.  This is also the site of our Learn and Earn program.

Other sites:
Our business coach:
 http://PaulaEnglish.com   Paula English - our business coach

In our business, I'm always looking for more credible and research based information - I'm always looking to increase my own knowledge base, and then share that information with others. So, this section about sharing access to information!
Please email me  Robin@FeelSoAlive.biz  with any questions, or if you are having trouble finding something you were looking for on this site.

We are planning on adding Webinairs, probably around the first of the year.

The following information is a  resource provided by Bob Ferguson and Barb Lagoni.  
When I first started looking for more information about Shaklee products, this was the place that I turned to.  This is a fabulous resource!  I subscribe to Bob's Web site, so if you would like to download an Mp3 of any of the calls on his web site let me know and I will help you. Other wise, you can listen to anything on the his Web site for free! Many of his recorded calls and information are now on our other web site: http://www.betterhealthin31days.com/robinandrick#  

  Let me know if you have any questions, or would like more information.

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