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 Stove and Oven cleaning tips -

Tired of cleaners that burn the inside of your nose, and put a dent in your budget? Today we are talking about cleaning the oven (yep, I know, it says “self-cleaning” is it really)? Always read the manufactures recommendations! 


  1. Glass Stove tops - Many of the Springfield, OR Chamber of Commerce Greeters members have told me how awesome the Scour Off is to clean their “glass” stove tops. They tell me it’s much cheaper than products “made” for cleaning the stove top, it doesn’t stink, you don’t have to wear gloves and it works!  It’s very concentrated, so always, add more water! Start with a damp sponge or cleaning cloth or scrubby, dip it into the jar of scour off and just scope out a little bit of the scour off. Apply to Glass Top Stove, using more water as needed. It will foam up a little. If need be, you can let the scour off sit on the stove top and do the hard work for you. 
  2. Cleaning the oven:  Put the following in 16 oz. spray bottle of water:  2 tsp. Basic H2, 2 tsp. Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate.  Shake well.  Heat oven to 225 degrees and then turn off.  Spray mix on oven and let soak 20 min., keeping it wet. Scour with Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste. Wipe off. Safe for hands and safe to breathe.  Or use Scour Off full strength on a very wet super sponge.  Or, for burned-on coating, whip 1 t. Scour Off in bowl of hot water to thick, sudsy foam.  Apply to encrusted oven or to tile grime.  Let sit a few minutes.  If necessary, scour lightly.  Wipe clean with damp cloth & rinse well.
  3. Windows: Inside- 2 drops of Basic H2 to 16 oz of your own water – great for mirrors, windows, and glass that you want to shine and sparkle.
  4. Oops, left a can on the counter top, and now it’s a rust ring?  Use scour off to get rid of the rust ring!

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