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Welcome to the FeelSoAlive Marketing Group
Proudly partnering with the Shaklee Corporation

Now that you are a Member, you are part of our Shaklee family – a dynamic group of people who care enough to make a difference to their planet, in their communities, in their families and in their own Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle. As the Business Leader of this organization, my role is to provide superior customer service and support to you. When appropriate, We provide successful coaching and mentoring to our groups’ business builders, either Career or Hobby level. I look forward to helping you take full advantage of the following membership benefits:

Shaklee Member Benefits


How to Order

You now have a number of awesome benefits to enjoy:


Use the product selection guide and/or catalog to select what you need and use. Use one of the following convenient options to order:


  • 15% discount on every Shaklee product



1.Call us: 541.525.0703 or



2.Online - Go to our web site:

3. Go to:

And activate your account!

  • An audio tour called “A Walk Through the Product Guide.” CD or streaming. Let me know which you prefer.



  • Learn & Earn Program (audio & video education with rewards)


4. email or tx Robin:

5. Call Shaklee: 1.800.742.5533

  • Monthly Newsletters


6. Auto Ship – set it and forget it. Easy to set up, and change. Love the convenients!

  • Weekly conference calls – product education



  • Customer Referral program


Personal Service

  • 100% Money back Guarantee

  • Host a Shaklee event (our journey to a healthier lifestyle is more fun when shared with friends and family).


I will call you periodically to answer any questions you may have, let you know about any specials, what’s new and make sure everything is working for you.

  • Gift of a Career or Hobby Level Income



  • Shaklee Bonus Car Program


Rebate Program

  • Awesome expense paid VACATIONS!


Earn monthly rebate checks based on the volume of products you and your members have purchased!


Welcome to this Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle. Wouldn’t you like to share this information and Journey with others? Ask us how we can help.


Robin Forster & Rick Albin or

541.525.0703 or 1.800.965.6131


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