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Welcome to the Shaklee Family!  You are joining a company which was founded by Dr. Shaklee in 1956, when he was 62 years young.  The Shaklee Company is committed to developing products based on Dr. Shaklee’s belief of “Living in Harmony with Nature.”  Our CEO and owner, Roger Barnett would like to share with you why he chose the Shaklee Corporation to buy, via a 3 minute phone call: 1.925.924.3333.

The Product Guide (big Green Cataloge) is your door way into Shaklee. It will answer a lot of questions about the products, the science behind the products and the 100% money back unconditional guarantee, on every Shaklee product!  If you have not recieved yours, please contact us for your complimentry copy!  If you would like to view it electronicly, please go to our Better Health in 31 days site.

Have you ever added up the cost of being sick?  You probably realize that it’s less expensive to stay well than to try and get well!  Rick (my husband) came home from the doctor and was told to lower his cholesterol.  The doctor wanted to put him on medication.  There is a time and a place for medication, and this wasn’t it! Rick and I both value being able to play – it’s a big part of our lifestyle. Rick likes to play and I like to swim, bike, run and kayak. You can imagine how important our health is to us! If you are like us, you may not always eat the way you know you should – which is one of the zillions of reasons that food supplements are so important!   In fact Rick, who is not one to “rush” into change, found that by using the nutritional products, modification of his diet and more exercise (walking the dog AND golf) he  lowered his cholesterol 30 points!

On your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle, we are here to assist you!  To purchase your Shaklee products and have them delivered, right to your door step you can:

·         Activate your ID number by calling Shaklee at 1.925.734.3636

·         Then, log onto our  Shaklee web site using your new ID number.

·         OR you can call 1-800-SHAKLEE (1-800-742-5533),

·         OR you can order through me: or cell: 541.525-0703 (or text).


Becoming a member includes many benefits:

·         15% off your products,

·         earning  FREE products with the “Learn and Earn” program (ask me or

·         eligible for a complementary skin care

·         Monthly newsletters (email and quarterly mailed)

·         Rewards Programs

·         Opportunity to earn “hobby” or “career” level income

Do you know someone who is looking for an extra stream of income? Please let us know, they may be a good fit for our team.


Our business is about making life less complicated, enhancing our Journey to  a Healthier Lifestyle and playing longer!

For more info please look to our web site: We are continually adding new information.

 Welcome to our team, Welcome to Shaklee! To better Health, to Feeling More Alive, to playing longer, to protecting the planet, and enjoying Financial Success!

Welcome to Shaklee! Welcome to better Health, to Feeling More Alive, to playing longer, to protecting the planet,  and enjoying  Financial Success!


Robin Forster and Rick Albin

FeelSoAlive Marketing Group


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