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Communication is very important to us, and we want to know how to best communicate with you, and get to know you better.  We know your time is valuable, so please take a few minutes to complete this little “get to know you” survey, and we will be better able to serve you, plus its fun!


Please include your full name, and include how you like to be referred to. (For example: Robert and Christine prefer Bob and Chris) 


Name: _________________________________________________________


I h I have received my ID number      yes      no        not sure    ID # _____________

· I  I  have called Shaklee at 1.925.734.3636 to activate my ID.      Yes No

O   I  have logged on to the Shaklee member center with my ID #    Yes No

I would like to receive information by… (check all that apply)



    Snail Mail (postal service)


     Text message





    Website links





How often do you read your Email messages?

(Emails arrive from or


      Several times a day

       Every day or so

       Every week or so

       I rarely check my Email

       Please text me if you want me to check my email


I’m more likely to see your messages if they come to this Email address:



What’s your birth date?



I’m interesting in hosting some friends over to hear about:

Healthy Child,            Healthy Home/Gel Clean,                   Skin Care,                        Nutrition Products,   Business Opportunity   or _____________________________

I’m interested in getting more information. Here are some topics of particular interest.  Check any that apply.

       Help!  My energy runs out before my day does.

       Sports & Athletes.  I want more benefit from my workouts

       Repairing sun damaged skin and reversing aging

       Creating a non-toxic environment

       The kids.  Raising them healthy without Rx

       I’m stressed!  Help without Rx

       Women’s hormonal concerns (perimenopause/menopause)

       Attaining my ideal weight

       Lowering Cholesterol without Rx

       Joints need a lube!

       Need to find my immune system (need a boost?)

      Turning my health commitment into a business

       I have a friend I would like to share this with


Any other topics or health concerns you’d like info on?



What’s your favorite restaurant or your favorite type of food?



Anything you’d like to add? 



What phone number and time of day is best to reach you?



Who are the first 2 people that you would like to share Shaklee with?

Name: _______________________________ email: _________________________


Name: _______________________________  email: _________________________


Thank you,

Robin Forster & Rick Albin



Please return to:

Robin Forster

Feel So Alive Marketing Group

P.O. Box 51325

Eugene, OR 97405


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