Why this business?  Why a home based business?

Robin (that's me) had been laid off twice in the last 10 years, and it looked like it was about to become 3 times! We were not very happy when we found out I was on the "cut" list.

You know, there is a saying that goes something like this if you keep on doing the same old thing, the same old way, you will get the same old results. If you want different results then it's time to do the thing differently.  It became clear that if I didn't want to get laid off again, then we needed to start a business.

The next question was, what business? with what money? There was no way we could afford to buy a franchise, nor would I want to! So then what?  This was one of those "moments."  

Video Clip: This little clip explains a lot about why this company.  

What products had I been using for the past zillion years? OK, 30 years. What products were safe for my family, AND the enviornment, AND wasn't a scam?  What was something that we used, that people every where would use every day? And if they used it everyday (or so) then they would have to replace it (consumable).

The products I had been using for 30 years, the products that had helped me bring healthy babies into this world, the products that had helped to keep my children healthy while growing up and the products that were good for the environment really is a natural fit!

Now, that I am retired, and my husband Rick will be retiring in a year, we are looking to our home based business to be our next career. BUT a career and future that we control, not others.  

It doesn't hurt that the company that we have partnered with also has a very remarkable, and extremely competative compensation plan, complete with a Car program, excellent vacations to places like Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas... 

If you are looking for an alternative, if you have a sense of humor, are willing to work hard, like being part of a team AND owning your own business AND are interested in making some money,  then contact us for an interview.

Robin Forster   or  Rick Albin

1.800.965.6131  or 541.525.0703

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Home Work

If I have assigned you home work, before we chat again, then these are the links you are looking for. Please writen down any questions or thoughts that you have, and we will discusse. Enjoy.

This site will answer some of your product questions: BetterHealth in 31 days

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Our Business Partner and Coach: Paula English

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