In our business, lots of the communication is done via Conference Calls. The calls range from our team calls on our line 1.712.432.0075, access code: 438525, to Shaklee Corp calls, to calls from the field that are uploaded to Bob's files
Bob's files is free to listen and our own site Better Health in 31 Days has TONS of info and is connected to Bob's Files.

Shaklee Conference Calls:

Project MAHMA - 
Moms aHome Making a... Difference! And a lot of Money! - Weekly Opportunity Calls are held every Saturday morning at 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern Time. Invite your guests to hear how the Shaklee Products and Opportunity can help make a difference in their lives! Dial 1-212-990-8000 / 6262#

Three-Minute Messages for Shaklee Products and the Opportunity:

Shakleebaby™ and Shakleekids™ Opportunity Message - 925-924-2230

Vivix® Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic - 925-924-3100

Shaklee Vitalizer™ - 925-924-3050

180® - 925-924-3030

Get Clean® - 925-924-3000

Roger Barnett, Chairman & CEO - 925-924-3333

Project MAHMA™ - 925-924-3232

Shaklee Success Line - 1-866-490-4311

There are also 9 inspiring success stories of people from a variety of backgrounds who have created an income and stability through Shaklee. One of these calls might resonate with someone you know who needs everything Shaklee offers. Click here for a listing of all the 3-minute calls with leader's names and the central focus of their story.

Shaklee Rebroadcast Lines:

 Conference Calls on Rebroadcast

Shaklee Rebroadcast Lines:
  • 1-512-703-6133 - Most recent Monthly Business Leader call - Spanish version
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 1 - Most recent Monthly Business Leader Call
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 2 - Most recent Health Sciences Conference Call
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 3 - Spanish Opportunity Call
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 4 - January 2011 Kickoff Conference Call
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 5 - Non-profit sponsoring call from July 2006
  • 1-512-404-1255, press 6 - Dream Plan Directors Conference Call
  • 1-512-703-6147 - Dream Call Replays (a new call each week beginning Monday evening)
  • 1-512-703-6155 - Opportunity Call Replays (a new call each week beginning Tuesday morning)


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