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Dream Calls are a series of weekly calls held Mondays at 7 pm. These calls are a great springboard for your weekly team meetings and conference calls. Following the Monday night broadcast, each Dream Call is placed on rebroadcast for one week on 1-512-703-6147. They can also be downloaded as an mp3/podcast from the Dream Call Archive on

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Carolyn Wightman Calls

Business Topics,  9 pm Eastern, 8 CT, 6 pm PT(sometimes this call is cancelled due a BBC meeting - please check with me to make sure there wasn't a change)
Dial: 1.712.432.0075, then your access code is: 113420#
Guests ae welcome to listen in. Make sure you know where your mute button is, and how to use it.

To get in touch with Carolyn, and to be added to the mailing list for announcments of this call:
Barefoot Possibilities Marketing Group
305.852.5452 ~ 800.766.5457
[email protected]

To be sure you receive our Emails, please add us to your Safe Senders List:  [email protected]

Thurday Calls:

Paula English - 3rd Thursday of the month.

Town Hall Call with Carolyn Wightman
1.712.432.0075, access code: 113420 #
Time: 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT and 5 pm PT

Sunday night calls:
Pat  Hintz
1.712.432.9998, access pin: 232148#
Time: 8 pm CT, 6 pm PT

Visit Pat's website:

for all kinds of fun stuff!

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