Membership Orientation

Welcome to the FeelSoAlive Team!

Join us the last Monday of the month for a brief overview of how to get the most from your Shaklee membership.
There is always time for Questions and Answers!

The webinar will answer questions, explain how to order, how to Shaklee-ize your home and answer questions you, or your downline may have.

The webinar is held the last Monday evening of the month, at 8:00 pm PST.
It runs approximately 25 minutes.

Please sign on 5 minutes early.
You will need Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser.
(Sorry, flash doesn't play on the  iPhone and I pad.)

To enter the web room click the button:

Enter your name in the "Your username" field: 
Room Password (next field) is "Shaklee" (with out the ")
Then click on the "Sign In" button at the bottom of the pic!

After you have entered the Web Room, you can adjust your Mic and Camera! 
Welcome to our Web Room. 
We recommend having a mic turned on, so you can ask questions.
It's also more fun to be able to see the person you are chatting with, but that's up to you.


Have a question? Just enter your question in the chat field - bottom left corner of your screen. Use the "send" button (to the right of the field you type our question in) to post your question in the chat area.

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