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Wondering what to do next?

1. Click here to view a quick video on what to do during your first 48 hours!

2. Next Steps

Getting Started: What I need to know or What do I do next?

(Adapted from the Punch List developed by Paula English – Paragon Partners)


ü  I have activated my Shaklee ID number by calling the Company and receiving my activation code via email. Call 1.800.742.5533.

ü  I have listed my Social Security Number with Shaklee – so I can receive Bonus Checks!

ü  I have a mailing address where I can receive mail and product packages

ü  I have read the current Product Guide – either electronic or paper.

ü  I have a phone number where people can contact me, and I can make outgoing calls. I have a message system, long distance and conference calling capabilities.

ü  I have a computer, with internet, so I can stay up to date with, and research Shaklee products, attend Shaklee University, and help my team to order.

ü  I know how to order products for my own use, and for the people who are joining “my team/group.”

ü  I have a personal AutoShip Order for 100 PV minimum.

Office Set Up

·         I have a designated “office space”

·         I have an appointment calendar (can be electronic or paper), and I use it.

·         I have a business checking and savings account.

·         I have ordered products for my own use including:  Nutritional, Get Clean, Personal Care.

·         I am working my way through my uplines Learn and Earn Program.

·         I have access to a data base management system (Shaklee ITrack, Act, etc.)

·         I have my Shaklee personal Web site – so my group can easily purchase their products.

·         I have a Visual Goal Board or Goal Notebook

·         I have business cards and stationary

·         I have read and understand the Privileges and Responsibilities of a Shaklee Business Owner

Business Action Steps:

v  Take an inventory of your resources (time, money, commitment, what tools do you have on hand now?  What are your special interests, hobbies or related work experience?)

v  Learn how to make the money – what is the sales plan, how does it work for me, how do I get paid? How do members of my team get paid.

v  Set up your education system: Shaklee University, First Step with your upline, Paragon Partners and coaching.

v  I have met with my Business leader (either in person or via phone) and I have completed the Getting Started list and I have scheduled my next 30 days of Training.

v  I have chosen a Business name and Image

v  I have written a Dear Friend Letter

v  I have competed my Inventory of Resources

v  I have identified my Target Market of interest

v  I have developed my Activity Series for Building and Developing my Database

v  I have developed my Plan of Action. I am choosing to be on the “Career Track” or the “hobby track.”

v  I have put together Good-Better-Best Starter Packages for my Target Market

v  I’m attending weekly conference calls.

v  I am a Shaklee Director, continuing to grow in PV and Rank

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