Window Washing Tips

Windows - exterior:

It’s summer, at least in Oregon today, are you realizing that the world looks a bit hazy out your windows?

Weekend “To Do” list include washing the outside windows?

Shaklee makes it easy!

Tools needed:
Bucket (I use a 5 gal), Automatic Dish Washing Concentrate from Shaklee, implements to wash the windows (telescoping pole if you are washing a seconded story windows), sponge attachment, and a garden hose with water. I do this during the summer, when it's hot outside, so I wear shorts and glass's. I will get wet. No question. You may not.

I add some Automatic Dish washing concentrate to my bucket. Then I fill about 1/4 of the bucket with warm water to help the powder dissolve (takes about 2 seconds or so). After swishing the water in the bottom of the bucket around for a bit, I then fill up the rest of the bucket with water out of the hose.

With the bucket prepared, its time to hose off the windows!
You may or may not need to remove the screens first - I don't. I just wash the windows, screens and all. Multi-tasking.

After I have hosed off the windows, if I'm doing the second story windows, I use my telescoping pole, with the sponge attachment on the end. I dip the sponge end into the bucket with the Dish washing concentrate and water, then I take the sponge end of the pole, and wash the windows.

After I have gone over the windows with the sponge, kind of scrubbing with an up and down motion, I next rinse.

Laying down the pole (watch for wires, etc. over head).
I quickly hose off the  windows, with the garden hose.

Then, I move to the next window!

Nope, I don't dry the windows, you could use the squidgy attachment to your pole if you wanted to. I don't. I'm about less is more.

This is a very fun task to do, when the weather is hot, you can get water all over you, and you may have some "helpers" of the child variety.

Now we can see those dog nose prints on the inside of the windows!

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Windows - interior
Who knew that cleaning could be fun!

To wash the inside of the windows, I first mix up 2 drops of Shaklee Basic H2 with 16 oz of my own water, into my own spray bottle (if you would like some cute spray bottles we have some great ones. Not to big, and not to heavy).

This will cost about 2 cents for 16 oz of cleaner.

Then I spray on windows, and I really like the blue Shaklee Miracle window cloth. I don't know what it is about this cloth, but it just does a great job! No lint is left behind, it helps me to get into the corners and the windows come out great!

Plus, if you have "little helpers" this is very safe. So, just in case they "miss" the window, you don't have to panic!

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