Writing down EVERYTHING I eat, seriously. The Cinch wise guys http://www.wiseguysweightwisdom.com/?paged=2 say that you can’t “own” your weight loss until are accountable. And you know, they are so right! 🙂 So, writing down everything, entering it into the http://www.cinchwellness.com/us/en/ site (sure, I could look up the calories, add them up, perhaps do an excel spread sheet – but why? this site has all kinds of  cool stuff on it).

Did not weigh myself on Monday. Not sure how Sunday turned out.  This is the data:

Entering yesterdays’  food and exercise intake (why don’t I do this at night? duh! – live and learn) I ate 1831 calories. Goal is 1676. I ran/walked  4.8 miles and burned 497 calories, plus my pedometer says I walked (not wearing it during the run) 1106 steps (they figure that’s 46 calories!)

Looking forward to having a good day today, and will weight and measure myself on Tuesday morning. 🙂

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