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Helping women of a “certain agE” rock this season with grace, enhanced health, fun and a touch of spicyness! 




NUtrition: personalized PRECISION NUTRITION
Body: “Clean”& radiant Skin care
Home: concentrated Green cleaners 

Ready to find the food supplements that your body needs from a company you can trust?

Over 30 years ago I found a non-toxic cleaner that actually worked. I had found a company that “walks their talk.”  Don’t you want that too? You want a company that you can trust, that will be here tomorrow, that doesn’t use toxic ingredients, and is affordable, right?

Are you looking for simple?

How does a 100 percent guarantee sound? All the way to the bottom of the jar? It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


My Approach

Everyone’s journey towards better health and graceful and fun aging is different. We start from where you are, what your goals, wants, and desires are, and we support you as you move towards your goal.

For many, it’s about losing weight, which can help to prevent so many diseases. 


Honest Results

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Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss
Vitamins & Supplements
Non-Toxic Green Cleaners


Looking for Products that are healthy? And protect the Earth?

Hurray for a company that has been climate neutral since 2000!

Not all companies are created equal. Some companies spring up overnight with AMAZING stories, and with little science to support their claims.  And they disappear as quickly…

You want products that work, based on science. Products that you can trust – to do what they say they will do (and more would be nice). Products that won’t make you, your pets and kids sick by breathing them, walking on just washed floors, and wearing next to your skin.


Tom Spofford and staying hydrated during the hot summer months. Tom works outside as a landscaper and also is an avid cyclist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

If i give you my email address, will i start getting spammed?

No. I’m the only person who will have your email address. i send out between 1 and 5 emails per month. You always the optinion to un-subscribe.

Vitamins - aren't they all the same?

As with many things, all companies creating vitamins are not creating equal. The quality from one company to another can be very, very different! I like to think of it this way… when driving on the road there could be a lot of cars… yet they are all different kinds of cars. Trucks, cars, SUV’s. For example, the difference between a 2007 Nissan Car and a 2019 Tesla. Both cars, and both very different. Shaklee has been around for over 60 years. We have a 100% money-back guarantee on ALL of our products, always.

How do i know what vitamins would be helpful for me?

Shaklee’s science and IT teams created the Me+Ology assessment, for exactly that reason. We are all different, and our nutritional needs are different. By taking this quick assessment (right from your phone), you can see, based on your self-report, what is supplements are recommended for you, and for different budgets. Do you have some health goals you are working on? They are included.
Did your doctor recommend some concerns? Those are included.
This is individualized nutrition planning for your unique body and lifestyle.
Shaklee helps us by making suggestions of where to start. Nice, right?

why can't i just buy shaklee in a store?

No. When Dr. Shaklee, and his grown sons, decided to created the Shaklee corporation, Dr. Shaklee knew that our products were different, and that difference needed to be shared, from person to person. That was 60 years ago. We are still sharing the Shaklee difference, person to person. We have updated our web site, so purchasing on line is super easy. And, I’ m here to support you, and answer any questions you have.

we want to use greener products, but its confusing. What is a green consult?

You are not alone. Lots of people are confused about finding a Green Cleaner that really works. That’s why we created the “Green Consult.”
A home/work visit is arranged – zoom or facetime – and we talk about what kinds of products you are using now, what are the challenges you are trying to overcome switching to Green Cleaners and products. We talk about what you are using, and how to go “Greener”. We talk about where you are, and where you want to be.
It’s a very informal chat.

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Ready to start feeling better? Schedule a zoom discovery chat with me. Let’s see if this is a good fit for you, or not.

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