March 8th, 2021


Welcome to March

How are you doing? This pandemic gets a bit tiring, doesn’t it? I have needed to set up some new routines. They are mostly around self-care.

Have you been setting up new routines, or thinking about it? I would really enjoy your tips or suggestions – just hit reply!


Spring & Summer 

The good outdoor play weather is almost here in the Pacific North West.  You probably know someone – a “woman of a certain age” who wants to get into shape to be able to Kayak, SUP, and bike ride this summer. BUT perhaps there are a few pounds to shed, or she is not sure about getting on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board).  

Come join our community to drop those pounds with the 30 Day Healthy Challenge (2 groups starting this month: March 15th &  then the second group on March 22). While you are dropping pounds and inches, we will start working on getting flexible enough to get onto a SUP, or into a Kayak.

Which this short Video on getting out of a Kayak the hard way. Click here to watch and laugh. 

With spring comes more outside time… and I’m excited about getting back into my kayak! But first, time for some self-care, and getting my body back into reasonable shape.  Join our community of “women of a certain age” who don’t want to look like they are 23, but rather, enjoy who you are now… Contact Robin for more info:


We are excited about the updates that Shaklee has developed to make it easier for us to share the gift of health, and wealth – for those that are intrigued, contact me. 

To get ready for outdoor shorts weather, we go with:

 Step 1. Me+Ology, click here. We need this self-assessment because it’s all about precise nutrition. That’s right, dialing it in! What does your body need?

Step 2. Food! Time for a Cleanse? (Only twice a year), time to change up the food routine? And we are offering a new Intermittent Fasting – BETA program. 🙂

Step 3: Stretches and building up those paddling muscles and getting in and out of the boat flexibility!

Interested? Know someone who sounds perfect for them?

Connect us up!



Are you thinking about someone, who is interested in better health? Check out this joining deal! Free Shipping (a $9.00 plus value), Free Membership ($19.95 value – lifetime), Free Jar of Greens (Retail $30.30, Member $25.75)! All of this value approximately $60, for the price of joining with the 30 Day Challenge AnD a free Cleanse (I almost forgot!). 



news & education & information:

Dr. Chaneys’ Health tips from the Professorimage

This Month he is talking about “Does Vitamin D Affect IQ”? The Importance of Vitamin D during Pregnancy”.

Click here to read the post and to subscribe.

I’m attending Brendon Burchard’s growthday year-long program, and so far, it is phenomenal! 


I’m learning SO much, and what I wanted to share today with you is Dr. Amen who is a Psychiatrist, and has treated so many people for brain issues. He is a pioneer in brain healing. He treated Brendon Burchard for his brain injury and has treated many celebrities and football players.  In this video, he gives a great tip for slowing your mind down so you can sleep and then another tip on breathing to trigger calmness.  Click here.


Calendar of Upcoming Events

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Just Take A Look – Thursday evening

We know that lots of folks are looking for something more, more money, more lifestyle time, less stress. Please invite them to our evening of “Just Take A Look…” This is about spending 20 minutes to see if this is the option that they have been looking for. Click here to get the reminder for your calendar.

FeelsoAlive ~ Informed – Thursday afternoon

Thursday, March 11th, 1:00 pm PT. You can watch live on Facebook Click here, or Youtube click here, And click here to go to the events page on our website to “add” it to your calendar.  


Replay Available:


Missed hearing from Matt McCarl from Greenleaf Hyberbarics & and Sue Painter CEO of Confident Marketer?

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Thank you for your time. We know it’s very precious.

Be Well, Stay Well, Take Your D3!

Robin Forster & Rick Albin



February 10th, 2021


This month we are focusing on clarity and what is our best visions of ourselves. Curious? Read the blog post (with more information) here. 

Vitamin D

You have probably heard about Vitamin D and all the research. We have increased what we are taking to the recommended 4,000 IU daily. In case you missed it, here is the link to Dr. Brouse’s coffee talk about Vitamin D3 (5:56 minutes). 

In a separate Coffee Talk, Dr. Brouse talking about Vitamin D3 – how it can act as either a hormone or a vitamin depending on the need of the body! Click here. (about 8 minutes)

Vaccination Information

Did you see Dr. Chaney’s article on “The Truth About Vaccination”? If you missed his blog post, click here to read it.



I just listened to “Why Sleep Matters” by Matthew Walker in a “Talk at Google” on YouTube, and it was fascinating, insightful, and answered some questions I didn’t know I had! Click here for the link to the YouTube Video. Did you know that after Daylight savings starts, and we are all short 1 hour of sleep, that Heart Attaches increase by 24%? 

“Hope in the future, is power in the present”

Brendon Burchard said the above quote, and it really hit home with me. For example, we may hope that we will lose weight, and be healthier, but if we don’t envision that power in the future, the outcome we are looking for will not happen.

The Monday after Valentine’s Day, Feb. 15th we are starting the 30 Day Challenge – with a 7 Day Cleanse (if you want) and after the cleanse, during or after the 30 Days, adding in Intermittent Fasting – which I’m not getting certified to coach. 🙂 

Click here to see the full blog post with more information.

Questions? Ready to get started feeling better? 

Contact or 541.525.0703


Healthier You Monthly Newsletter 

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  • Shaklee Olympian Pop-up: Saturday with Olympian Luge Athlete Jayson Terdiman 10:00 am ET Click here for link or go to our calendar click here. Here’s the link: Or on our website calendar – click here.

FeelSoAlive ~ Informed, the program

Our 2 guests this week are: Amy Kubanek for part 2 and Yvonne Marchese.

As we age, our bodies start to speak to us, usually louder, more depending, and how smart is the person who listens! Amy Kubanek has over 20 years of dance, movement, bodywork, and body trauma work experience to share with us – and a great tip for the Vagus nerve.

Wondering if you are the only one re-thinking aging? Yvonne Marchese, has created a wonderful pivot in her life and has created a podcast that is all about exploring how we think about aging.


Date: Thursday, Feb. 11th, 1:00 pm PT/4:00 pm ET

Link: Facebook BookFeelSoAlive Mk Gp

Link: YouTubeFeelSoAliveMkGp

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Thank you, for being you, and being part of our life, and our FeelSoAlive Shaklee community.

Be Well, Stay Well, Take Your Vita-D3!

Robin Forster & Rick Albin