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Are you thinking about retirement? 

Or, maybe you have retired, and now, for this next season of your life, you are thinking about, and ready to create that lifestyle that you have been craving?

The lifestyle, and the adventures that you have been promising  yourself?

Fish Friendly Car Wash & Fundraiser

 Wondering how to have a Green Fundraiser Car Wash? This is the web site for you.

 Schools and other non-profits receive a 10% discount. Contact or 541.525.0703 for more information.

FeelSoAlive Blog

Wondering how you can live a greener lifestyle? How to be improve your health? How to be more productive in your world?  Join us for a place to share tips and comments.

YouTube Channel

Looking for quick (10 min) bites of information, tips you can use, from a range of healers and business  people?


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