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There are some products that I know and love using, and love sharing with others.

And then I realized that many of these products have affiliate programs!  So, when you purchase using any of these links I may make a small commission.

First: Thank you! I may have earned a small commission from your purchase, just by sharing something that I love and use!

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Trying to move away from using paper? Try the Rocketbook family of reuseable paper! notebooks (in all sizes!) and the Panda book (calendar/planning etc.). I have ALL the various sizes, and 2 of some sizes! I love these books? How do I use them? The Everlast (executive) I carry with me to take notes during meetings, or when I’m meeting with someone. The Panda is great because it’s the calendaring book. With Annual Planning, weekly planning, and daily. I switched to this one when I realized how similar it was to another paper planner I was buying quarterly. My first “love” the Rocketbook Fusion – full-sized blank pages for writing or drawing or whatever on. How do I use this one? I work on my desk a lot, and when I’m meeting with someone, I may want to jot down some notes, or I think of something I want to do, it’s quicker to write it down than to open notion and record the thought or todo.  I title my pages – usually “Daily” and then the date.

Why are Rocketbooks so cool? You scan the page you have used, to the cloud (whichever service you use – I’m using Evernote and Google Drive currently) so your notes are searchable!!! Yes, you can find what you wrote down!  My process is usually, at the end of the week, to first scan all the pages, to review each day (usually a page) make sure all “to-dos” are in my trusted system, then I erase the page. They do send you a cloth, but it has never worked for me. I use Basic H2, cause it’s non-toxic, doesn’t seem to hurt the page, is super concentrated and I have it in my home already. You may wonder about spending the time to wipe down the pages – I find it very therapeutic. I have let go of the past week, and I have fresh pages for the new week. Do I always do this? no! and what a mess my week is when I don’t! Whew!

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