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Our story began a very long time ago. Robin was in Junior College (that really was what the 2-year colleges were called) and she was a member of the Ecology Club. Yep, that was the name of the Green Movement, back in the day.

Yep, that was a long time ago.

And this is what happened…

robin forster

Fast forward a few years, Robin is out of Junior College,  and after working with some of the local Free Clinics, she moves from LA to Oregon, to be a hippy, live on the land, and raise babies.

Babies need a healthy Mom, and a healthy environment – and Shaklee entered Robins’s life again.

2 babies, and one divorce later, Robin is back in school, as a single parent. You can imagine how wild and stressful those days were!

Fast forward a few more years, and Robin met her husband, Rick, while attending the local University, where she was working on her Masters’ Degree.

Robin slowly but surely convinced Rick to try the Shaklee food supplements. The household slowly switched over from convention cleaners (those toxic cleaners you buy in the store), back to Shaklee cleaners. Rick’s health began to improve. no more 1, 2, 3 or 4 “normal” colds per winter!

And then Robin was running into employment issues. She was on the retirement track, as she likes to say, not the layoff track! After being laid off from 3 good jobs within 10 years, she decided, when she found out she was on the layoff list once again, to take her financial future into her own hands, and start her own business, with products that she loved and used daily!

next, Rick retired as an Associate Professor from the local university and continued his love of golf. Ok, Rick is an avid golfer!

Fast forward to current times.

Robin is now in her late ’60’s, and Rick in his early 70’s. Neither of them is taking ANY medications or drugs for ANY health-related conditions!

None, zippo.

Even though when Rick’s doctor told him to lower his cholesterol or go on meds, Rick cleaned up his diet, and started with the Cholesterol Reduction Complex, and lowered his cholesterol!

Our story is not over, we are just in a different season of our lives.

If you would like to join our community, enjoy being with people of all ages (and mostly retired), and rock this season with health and a solvent checkbook, contact us to chat and see if what we are doing may be right for you.

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