Brendon Burchard said “Hope in the future, is power in the present”,  and when I heard it, I really had to stop and take a breath. I asked myself, what am I “hoping” for now, that will not be in the present?

When you envision yourself in the future, (let’s just think about this coming seasons of Spring and Summer), how do you envision your life?

How do you envision your body?

Are you physically active, now? Or, do you envision yourself  becoming more physically active?

It’s February as I write this, and as I’m watching all the little green shoots that are starting to poke their heads up the the garden…  I realized that playing outside, in shorts, tank top, and bathing suit weather, is just around the corner.

I’m the kind of person that likes to ride my bike,  lake kayak, and swim outside. Playing outside is part of my vision of my best life. Being comfortable in my skin really increases the joy of the moment. And, I haven’t always been comfertable in my skin…

Have you ever had those moments, when you realized that you just weren’t comfortable in your own skin?

Is the thought of playing outside, and enjoying it, not matching your physical quarantined body?

Is this sounding familiar?

“Hope in the future, is power in the present”

I’m thinking back to last fall, and about the freedom and absolute joy of paddling my kayak and being able to move my body freely (getting in and out of my kayak a zillion times on that paddle!) even with arthritis in both my hips!

That paddle was my “hope in the future”,  because of the consistent stretching, working on what I’m eating, and those changes that lead me to ”power in the present”, being able to move.  The changes that I had started, were paying off!

 When you think about playing outside, being physically active, are you seeing a vision of you, as your best self?

I’m realizing that right now, is the best time to begin releasing all those winter pounds, and maybe including, losing those “last 10 pounds” that just seem to hang around, forever!

This is the time to start stretching, so you can get in and out of that kayak or _________ (what is your passion?), without dumping, so you can stand  up on the SUP  (going from kneeing to standing, without falling off), and so you can lean over to pick up your paddle, or life jacket,  from the ground.

February, this is the time to start making those small, one by one healthy changes, so being physically active this spring  and summer is fun, AND creating your vision of your best life,  being comfortable in your own skin.

What’s next?

If you are like most Americans, dropping some weight, and cleaning up (improving) your eating habits is probably your next step.

How to start that in a painless and easy way?

I thought you would never ask – click here to take the very short health assessment called Me+Ology, to give you the information you need, to know where to start with your health journey towards your best vision of yourself.

Next, we talk about what you learned from the Me+Ology assessment, over zoom. We talk about what your vision of you is, what the Me+Ology assessment report told you, and where you would like to start.

And, for a little motivation, you may be ready to try the risk-free 30 Day Challenge!

We are starting the first part, the  7 day Cleanse (to jump start your best vision of yourself) shortly! Ask me for the start date!

Nope, you are not doing this alone.

Yep, there is support all along your health journey.

Schedule a discovery call with me, Robin, right now, and let’s use that “hope in the future, is power in the present” statement from Brendon Burchard, to create your best vision of your self, right now, today.

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This just might be your time, to create a Spring and Summer that includes your vision of your best self!