4th of July, 2020 Butte to Butte Memories

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Today is the 4th of July in the United States.

Are you an American, or live in America, or are you an ex-pat living abroad?

How do you celebrate the 4th of July?

Will you be getting together with friends and family? With social distancing, and face coverings, right?

⁠ Are there some games that you always play, and would recommend to a friend?⠀

Do you have an event, or activity, that has become a tradition?


⁠ For me, for our family the 4th was always about a local community road race – The Butte to Butte, in Eugene, OR. This road race was very family-friendly, and there was a 4-mile walk, a 5k, and a 10k road race.

We would get up early, jump into our running clothes (laid out the night before, of course) and carpool to the transportation site, board the buses, arrive at the starting line, and then get into the running crowd, filled with anticipation for the race ahead.


First, the “hill”! Straight up! ⠀

Ok, maybe it was only 802 ft, but it felt like Mt. Everest!

⁠This hill was pretty much straight up! But oh what a challenge it was! Every year, I would practice on our local hill, to improve my time and stamina!  And, there were a few years when I did, I ran to the top! What a feeling!



One of my memories from this race was watching the local Fireman & women, run this race in their full gear! Wow! That is a lot of gear to run in! I just looked googled the weight of firefighters’ equipment, and I found out that their equipment is between  40 to 80 lbs!


It was so motivating and impressive seeming them at the finish line – hot and tired, stripping off their gear.

This year, there is no Butte to Butte Community Run… and it’s very sad.

But, “it is what it is,” right?



What do you remember about the past 4th of July celebrations? ⁠

What did you do this year, that may become a positive tradition for you?


Please share, friend, in the comments. I enjoy getting to know you.


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