5 minute Business Solution

by | Dec 19, 2012 | News | 0 comments

Do you attend online webinars?
Are you trying to take notes, listen, copy the slides, while wondering if you will get a copy?
Are your currently hand written notes, put away “safely” … waiting for when you will have “time” to retrieve, review and implement?
Sound familiar?
The other day during a webinar, I stumbled onto something that really revolutionized my note taking and storage!
2 pieces to this 5 minute solution:
1. I’m on my computer, in (for me) a word documents, taking notes – that makes my notes searchable!
2. I’m using Snagit 7 to capture the slide on the screen, and then paste it into my notes.
3. Save the whole document – with a name I can find later!
When the webinar is over, I can review my notes, spiff them up, email to a friend or print them, if I need a hard copy. Otherwise they are on my drive, so I can search for the information, and it’s one less thing on my desk, or paper I need to “process”.
Let me know what you think of this process, and what you are doing to save you time and trees.


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