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Carpet Cleaning – not necessarily a very exciting project, BUT in our house, it was needed, badly! 

 How to clean my carpet in a sustainable way? Using only Green Cleaners?

I started researching!

I have gathered this information from a number of different sources – and hopefully, I am crediting all of them in this blog post.


Get Clean Surface Cleaning guide:

Step 1: Treat the Spots

 Carpet Spot RemoverNature Bright. 1 scoop and 16 oz water. Squeeze out the extra liquid before treating strains and use only enough solution to saturate. Wait 1-5 minutes. Blot with a white towel. Repeat if needed. Rinse well, let dry, and then vacuum.

Step 2: Create your Mix

I have pulled together a number of different recipes including my own at the bottom of this blog post. 

From Bobs Files (great online resource):  

Shaklee Get Clean Carpet Cleaner: Using a steam cleaner or rug cleaner (like those rented from a store), pre-spot major stains or spots with Nature Bright beforehand, then scrub them lightly after they’ve soaked for a minute.

In Steam Cleaner, add the hot water first, and then add:

 2 ounces of Basic-H2 and

1 tbsp. of Nature Bright and clean away!

 Note: If interested in disinfecting your carpet add 1 oz. of Basic-G (original Basic-G. I haven’t tried this with the 2021 update G) and Laundry (powder or liquid) in place of H2.

Note: Do not use Basic-H2 if your carpet has a stain guard on it as H2 can remove the guard. Instead, use the Shaklee Fresh Laundry Powder or Liquid.  Basic-H2 eliminates the germicide in Basic-G, so they do not need to be used together.

This information is from the Shaklee Cleaners Packet Commercial: 


  General Product Description   Shaklee Product Equivalent   Dilution: (Suggested)   Notes Details on Product Information Sheets
  Glass Cleaner   Basic-H2   1:6,308 (@ 1/8 Tsp gal h2o)   Particularly effective in bucket with sponge & squeegee.   For exterior, use diluted at 1:3,154 (@ 1/4 Tsp  gal h2o)
  Carpet Shampoo   General Cleaning/ Medium soil   Basic-H2   1:256 – 1:1024 (1/2 – 1/8oz/gal h2o)   The more dilute mix is generally recommended, especially for machines using hot water.
  Carpet Shampoo   Heavy soil


  !:128 – 1:256 (1 – 2 oz/gal h2o)   The more dilute  mix is generally recommended, especially for machines using hot water.


 What a few other folks say about how they do it:

  “ I own a steam vac carpet machine and I use laundry products in the detergent tank.  My detergent tank then mixes with a big plain water tank.”


  “I use an ounce of liquid laundry, 2 tbs nature bright, and a few drops of softener to about 6 oz of hot water.   My mixture does a great job and the carpet smells wonderful and feels soft when it dries.”


 Robin Forster’s story:

 Between raising teenagers and dogs and cats, our family room carpet – light beige, was not looking so great. First I pre-spotted the really bad spots – I used the all-purpose to scrub. That made a very nice difference.

 Next, using my older carpet shampooer (starts off with hot tap water, and then cools off to room temperature) I did the whole carpet in the original Germicide. I really needed that, for me! I needed to know that all the pet accidents were really cleaned. [Note: the carpet in the family room has a very short nap and a very thin pad under it. If you have a thick pad under your carpet, and we did in the dining room and living room, it’s very challenging to get the animal accident oders out because they probably seeped into the pad underneath].

 Next, I used the laundry soap and nature bright and softer than soft and just started shampooing the carpet. A slow process with a home upright machine.

 I was so excited when it was done, and the carpet was clean! The carpet looked great, smelled great, felt great to the bare feet, and more importantly, I knew it was cleaned with products that were safe for all my animals, both the 2 legged kind (teen-agers) and the 4 legged kinds (cats and dogs). 


 Please, share your experiences with us, in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and for using non-toxic safe cleaners.




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