Cleaning up the Mystery sticky stuff with green cleaners – in under 12 minutes!

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Mystery sticky stuff sticking to EVERYTHING.

It came out of now where, I tried to lift a notebook off an extra work table I had set up, and I could feel and hear that notebook ripping away from the table!

Oops. Now I have sticky on both the back side of the note book AND sections of the work table!

I grab the closest cleaning item to me, Germicide Wipes, and start in on the table. They are cleaning up some other stuff, but I need some serious cleaning power for this sticky blue mess!

Here is a “before” pic so you can kind of see what I’m dealing with. The ruler – well I think I watch to much CSI.

who knew what they sticky, ripping sound was REALLY doing?




Next step, Scour Off (yes the pink stuff in the jar) and a little 4 oz bottle of all purpose cleaner (from the Little Green Bucket Samples).

I used just a little of the Scour Off, sprayed it with the all purpose cleaner (all Shaklee Green Products – all super concentrated!)

Added more water, they work SO much better with MORE water!

I should tell you, I found some more of this sticky stuff at the other end of the table, I wasn’t using as much water on this smaller spot, and funny, it wasn’t as easy to clean up!

This pic is ½ way clean.






A few minutes later (I think I threw a load of clothes into the dryer) I finished cleaning up the sticky, flaky blue adhesive like stuff off my table!

And, the table is now,  totally clean – sticky stuff and other accumulated stuff  –  gone.

The clothes dryer is still running. This whole process of cleaning, letting it set, cleaning, and then wiping it down took 12 minutes according to my phone/camera! Wondering what I used? Click here








And the best part? My hands feel fine – not burning or itching from using cleaning products, no burning inside my nose, and the room doesn’t smell like it’s just been bombed or fumigated!

Don’t you love success!

Do you have a success story – one that maybe you are afraid to share ’cause it seem kind of “silly”?

Share away – I would love to hear it.

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