Creating Goals for a new beginning?

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It’s been far too long since I have reached out to you!

I apologize!  Life happened, this blog was oh so very sick, and I have been learning so much!

I wanted to reach out to now, because it’s a time of reviewing and reflecting,  this current almost past year, and getting ready for the new year, and for many of us Goal Setting.

Are you a goal setter?

Do you have plans and dreams?

Do you not want to be in the exactly the same place next year?

For me, I have answered yes  and no, to all those questions!

So, to create a different life, to learn how to create a life that I love, and how to help more people (it’s not just about me), I have been following Amber McCue in her Facebook Planathon to create goals for my business, and my life.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Fresh Start Work Book, with Amber McCue!

If you are, I highly recommend Goal Setting, Fresh Start. Amber has a number of awesome coaches/mentors sharing tips and tricks in their respective fields. The videos are amazing nuggets of gold! Wondering how to create an active and responsive facebook group?  She has an expert share with you. Wondering what a sales funnel is? She has an expert who breaks it down.

Want to talk with some like minded folks, when you are trying something new in your business? This is the group!

There are over 11,000 awesome folks in her closed face book group! Wow!


Daily Chaos or Clarity?

How am making sure I am working towards my Goals as I am moving through my day, planning my week, weeks and months? I have been learning and using the Full Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt.  Planner is such an understatement. This is not just “another” calendar book. It is so much more! Wow!

And, he has also a closed Facebook group – where I’m learning so much from the others in the group. Learning lots of hacks and how too’s. Loving this!

This planner includes many features from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.


Why am I doing all of this? Spending my time, and some cash with these two ways of creating a lifestyle (Goal) that I love?

Both Michael Hyatt and Amber McCue are very successful – so they have a proven track record. Lots of folks on the web will tell you how, sell you how, but they don’t really know.  I’m super picky about who I follow, who I listen too.  These two, are the real deal.

I’m growing my business, I have goals, and I’m wanting more for me, and more financially freedom so I can donate to the projects that I want to support. My goals have been written down before, but never the “plan”, the “how-to’s” the accountability…

And, last but certainly not least, I want to help others that are in my tribe, or becoming attracted to my tribe.  Others, who I may not have met yet…

I have learned so much building and continuing to build my Shaklee business – I have made SO many mistakes, and I have needed SO much self development work!  Whew!

My business? I am all about health and wellness, and productivity. I realized, that if you feel awful, or if you have troubles moving, the day can really suck!

Let’s continue on this journey towards health and well being, and bring our friends and    family, those we care about, along with us. Here is my product web site.

I really enjoy reading your comments. Learning more from you about your hacks, your struggles and the joys! Please feel free to share.



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