How I got started as an Entrepreneur

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For my new readers, and those folks who might not know, I thought I would share how I got involved with Multi-Level Marketing and how my niche (market) has changed over time.

It all begin, long again, far, far away, on a dark and stormy night …

Nope, not really, but my journey did start a very long time ago, that part is true. It was during the day lite, so I was taking some poetic license.

My journey started in 1972, and I’m started writing this in 2020 and I’m finishing it in 2023 – so it was a long time ago!

I have a little animation I want to share with you, that tells the story of how I first learned about Basic H, and the company that makes it. This is what started me on the journey…

And that was my first introduction to products that worked with, not against our environment.

How did I get into the market that I’m in? For me, it’s been about saving the planet. We only have one, it’s not like you can order a new Earth from Amazon!

I learned about this company in Junior college, and then we fast forward to the time when I was out of college, and started my family… and I wanted my babies to be safe. Enter in Green Cleaners!  Shaklee came back into my life! Not only was its perfect timing, but since we were raising a family, we were on a budget and we needed an economic, multi-purpose cleaner. And, we were on a skeptic tank – so chemicals!

Of course, I was sharing with some of our friends in our food coop, and recycling group. Most of our friends at that time also had young families, and were having babies, so all of us were very budget and planet conscious.  My niche market at that time (who know to call it a niche?) was my friends with young families.  I was not creating a business, I was just helping out my friends.

With my children grown and out of the house, we are now empty nesters, and my niche has changed again. Well, my heart will always be with young families, and pregnant momma’s. Today I’m focusing on women who are in their 40s to 60’s, who want to age well, so that they can keep playing and enjoying their lives, and who want to make sure they have the financial resources to enjoy this season of life.

My niche markets have changed over time. Please don’t let anyone tell you, that you will only have one market – and it’s like a concret – no change!

It’s not a bad thing to be able to pivot, to re-evaluate your market, and what works in this economic climate, and stay true to your mission and vision of your business and life, that, I think is the key.

I would love to hear your thoughts about green living, and if you are in business, what is your niche or market.

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