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Do you ever start something, with the best intentions, then life gets in the way?

That is what happened to me during the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I had signed up, thinking that being more consistent with my blogging would be a good thing to do. I did great for Day 1 and this blog post was originally for Day 2.

Then came Day 3. And I hit the wall. We were asked to talk about where we wanted to take our readers. Kind of like what is the road map.

That was the end for me. I didn’t have an answer. As I thought about the question, the day count went bye…

The good news? You get to enjoy Day 2, where I’m introducing myself.

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Day 2

My bad, I just realized that you probably don’t know me! Let me introduce myself.

I’m Robin Forster, and online I’m Robin@  and I also have a live program called FeelSoAlive~ Informed, which you can find on YouTube and FaceBook.

I’m also a Mother, a Wife, and a wannabe productivity geek and I like to play outside, usually either kayaking or riding my bike with friends.

And, I can hear you saying, what is FeelSoAlive? Where did it come from?

Let me tell you a little story… it will be short.

When I was a child, I was on a trip with my Father (there were 5 of us kids, so it was a very big deal to be “grown-up” enough to travel with him on business trips).

We had travel back east, from our home in southern California, and were walking along the great lakes in the United States. I saw all these dead fish laying on the shore and  I asked my dad, why were there all these dead fish?

He was trying to explain to me about the population. This was my first introduction to population and its effects.

The chemicals the plants and cities were using, they were just dumping them into the Great Lakes!

Mankind was killing the Great Lakes and all those animals and people who depended on the Great Lakes! 

“Lake Erie is dead” was trending in the 1960s. The pollution, the toxic dumping,  started in the 1900s.

[If you are curious about the Great Lake you might enjoy learning more by clicking on this link.]


(from the Give Earth A Chance website)

Learning about pollution, what it means to our one and only Earth, to our lives, and our role in the cycle has been an ongoing thread in my life. During some seasons of my life, not so much, and other seasons very much.

I know that we can’t all know the “right” thing to do when it comes to caring for our only planet. I know it takes education and support. For example, if we want to recycle, but there is no place in our community to recycle, that just doesn’t work very well, does it?

I did mention in my introduction, that I also like to ask questions? This usually leads to me researching a topic… so I find out a lot of information, that other people don’t know, or may have forgotten about. What do I do with this information and solutions? I share it!

This brings me to my business niche.

Learning and helping others to live a healthier and greener life, no matter what season of life they are in.

What is your biggest struggle when trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Will you share with us in the comments?


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