Lane County Master Recyclers: Recycling 101 – online

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Paperless Training Manual

Since September 2015 more than 300 Lane County Master Recyclers have enrolled in Recycling 101 through Oregon State University’s office of Professional and Continuing Education. Lane County Master Recyclers who have a home computer, who enjoy learning online AND have not enrolled in Recycling 101  in the past are invited to sign up at this time and the registration fee will be covered by Lane County Waste Management Division. We have about 25 seats available that were purchased for the cancelled spring class.

Please follow the registration instructions below carefully. Do not pay for the online class. Instead use the PARTNER CODE  listed below in lieu of payment. If you need technical assistance with the registration process or help accessing Recycling 101 online you can contact the OSU office of Professional and Continuing Education M-F 8am-5pm via email at   Once completed you will continue to have access to the online modules, glossary and other resources for up to 2 years.

If  you registered for Recycling 101 in the past and would like to complete or review the modules but cannot access the course email and I will help you reconnect to the course.


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