Swift Page, Social Media – Hydration, Healthy Jet Fuel and Stand by Your Man!

by | May 21, 2012 | News | 0 comments

I’m so excited! I just learned today that I can post to many of my social media sites from Swift Page, so I did!  I use ACT from Sage as my data base for my business. Swift page is just a click away!

Keep your fingers crossed that it worked! Electronics and I have been know to have “issues”! lol

Oh, yes, I posted the latest NewsLetter from FeelSoAlive Marketing Group – about hydration,  healthy jet fuel (a drink that is actually Healthy, and can help you have a competive edge in your activites), hydration and a workshop that is coming up “Stand By Your Man.”

We as fitness Diva’s, or aspring fitness Diva’s have men in our lives whom we care about – this workshop in Portland, Oregon will help us learn how to help them.

Did I mention that I like helping people, and I like playing outside. So, when the two loves come together, it’s just so awesome!

It is so cool when people share with me how awesome our products are. So, I listed a few comments. I just couldn’t help myself.


Oh, if you didn’t recieve a copy of the newsletter, about health and hydration let me know. I will post it either on my web site or this blog. Learning curve.



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