The handle is on the “wrong” side and other reflections on a Golf Week-end

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The handle is on the “wrong” side and other reflections on a Golf Week-end
My husband, the avid golfer and his golfing buddies – take a golf pilgrimage to a “links” course in Oregon every January. Cold, blustery, rainy, beautiful Oregon Coast!
I follow along because the scenery is beautiful, and there will be none of the normal distraction that we have at home. This is a time when I can think about our business, think about next steps and new directions, and sleep.
It was the handle that got me reflecting. The handle on the toilet is on the “wrong” side, if you are a women. For a man, it’s perfect. Hmmm

And then I started looking around at this facility. I have been reading a book about making your business an extordinary business, so I’m a more aware now of how a brick and mortar business caters, or doesn’t, to its customers. The book I’m currently enjoying is called “E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. This book is changing how I look at my business and how I want to spend my time… Great book!
I was seeing at Bandon Dunes exactly what Michael Gerber was talking about! Bandon Dunes had thought out exactly how to address the comfort of their guests. They know who is their target market; they cater to and were built for this target market, golfers. And not just any golfers, but golfers from around the globe, and mostly male.
They have made it easy for their golfer guests to have a drink after a round, to go to dinner all on the same property, all within a short walking distance. They provide a shuttle service on the property, so you don’t need a vehicle of your own. This business is all about golf, and enjoying your stay with them.

What areas of your business could be refined to address your target market?

How could you increase their comfort and easy when purchasing your goods or services?

These are questions I’m looking at as I refine my target market.

On the golf side, my husband is enjoying that he has dropped 20 pounds, and is now a “flat belly” instead of a “round belly.” Wondering how he dropped 20 pounds, and is keeping it off? Click here.

Wondering how my husband (who is semi-retired) fuels himself to keep up his energy for a long golf week-end? Click here.

Wondering about Bandon Dunes? Click here.

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