A Healthy Diet to drop those last irritating, annoying, frustrating 10 pounds!

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Trying to lose Weight. Not losing weight.

I feel your pain! Trying to find a healthy diet, that works, and isn’t crazy making! Is it possible?

Are you ready to end the search?

It’s time, now, to drop those last 10 pounds, with  180 Shaklee food based diet plan that actually works, and it based on science (it works).

Remember those diets where people were getting sick, some were dying because of the ingredients? They were all trendy, and not based on science, and had no track record. And weren’t safe!

You are invited (cute video) to join me for a healthy diet plan that actually works, has a track record, is safe and works!

I’m losing weight, feeling great, looking better, and I’m way over 40 years old, and it STILL WORKS.

My husband lost 20 pounds (of course).

If you are in the Eugene/Springfield, OR. area – we are having a tasting tonight (Wed 5/22) at 6:30 pm. In the Santa Clara area. Thank you Emerald Valley Real Estate for your Conference Room!

If you are not local – contact me. I have a plan. 🙂

Seriously, tasting is important.

If it tastes awful, would you buy it?

Would you drink/eat it?

Of course not!

Contact me, it’s time to lose those last 10, 20, 30 stubborn, annoying, frustrating, I’m never going to wear shorts again, pounds! And, bring a buddy!

RSVP – limited space! Robin@FeelSoAlive.biz or txt me 541.525.0703

PS Check out the cost of what many people are eating now (expensive now, and later with poor health) and what you COULD be eating, and enjoying, and is healthy!


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