Better Breathing Naturally – Hay Fever & Allergies in the Willamette Valley

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Hay Fever  & Allergies in the Willamette Valley                         

I have curated this information to save you time and energy trying to figure out what to try next, to deal with your allergies, including hay fever. I’m always reading, learning, and my goal is to share what I’m learning about to simplify your search, so you can get on with your life.

This information has been curated from a number of different sources: 2 different books, “Build A Better You” by Dr. Brouse and  “Why Do I Feel This Way”” by Christine Gaber & Charlene Day.

I have included testimonials from other Shaklee users who have found relief. Their testimonials will help you figure out how much and what and when to try – based on what you have read of their experience.

I do not treat or diagnose because I’m not a medical professional. This information is provided so you can decide what may work for you.

The following excerpt is from Dr. Brouses’ book “Build A Better You”

Hay fever/Allergies are due to a sensitivity to seasonal grass pollen. Allergies are adverse responses to particular foods, inhalants, or chemicals. This results in sneezing, itching eyes, and runny nose.  If a true grass allergy exists, an asthma attack can result in creating an emergency.  Many times, allergies and sensitivities are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, causing the sufferer to use medication that masks the symptoms. This can eventually lead to more severe immune conditions. Detecting allergies or sensitivities or eliminating the x=exposure to the offending substances, and restoring the body’s balance immune system can eliminate this debilitating condition. Other ether is cross-sensitivity to grass grains such as wheat, oats, barley, and rye.  Have an ELISA LgG4 blood test (a few drops of finger blood) for suspected grasses and grains and use homeopathic desensitization drops for fast recovery. Remove yourself from the exposure to the allergen and build your immune system. (See also Allergies in this book.)


Dr. Brouse recommends the follow  Shaklee products (products in bold are the most important):

Hay Fever:

Alfalfa Complex

Chewable Cal Mag Plus

Defend & Resist Complex


Sustained Release Vita-C







Alfalfa Complex

Chewable Cal Mag Plus

Garlic Complex


Immunity Formula I

Liver DTX

NutriFeron (Builds immunity)

Optifloria (probiotic)

Soy Protein

Sustained Released Vita-C


Vita-Lea (Multi-Vitamin)

Vitalizer (Multi-Vitamin Plus)



From the “Why” book:

The supplements they suggest are for Asthma; Allergies; Hay Fever; Environmental sensitives; Frequent stuffy/runny notes; Sinus congestion; Shortness of Breath; Chronic cough:


Essential Important Beneficial or As Needed
NutriFeron / Immunity Formula I


Optiflora / Bifidus

Vitamin C / Vitalized Immunity

VitalMag (particularly for asthma)


GLA/ OmegaGuard/ Lecithin


CarotoMax &/or FlavoMax



Vitamins: D,E





Defend & Resist

DTX / Herb-Lax


Shaklee 180 Energy Tea




What else?

You are breathing in your home, day in,  and day out. You are wearing clothes against your skin all day, and sleeping on sheets all night. All washed in some kind of product… are you using a toxic home care products? Have you had a chance to read the label?

Have you had a chance to switch out your personal care products for products that are chemical-free and non-toxic?

What many families have found, is just switching out their conventual products for non-toxic problems many skin and breathing problems have become less of a problem or disappeared altogether!



To figure out what is going on with your body, we suggest you start with step 1.

Step 1: We suggest that you start here with the Health Print (quick 5-minute self-assessment).

Step 2: Debrief on what you learned, and what your goals are, from the HealthPrint.

Step 3: Start the program that you want, based on science,


Products to Help Deal with Allergies:

We know that allergies are the immune system’s response to a harmless substance, and then our immune system may overreact and “attack” the allergen.  Then you have wheezing, etc.


Alfalfa Complex: Why Alfalfa?

From Dr. Painter:   “Alfalfa Complex: Alfalfa is a natural antihistamine and decongestant acts as a digestive aid and is an important source of trace minerals. It is very effective for sinus problems, especially allergies and hay fever. Additionally, it reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joints. ”

More info:


Sustained Release Vita-C.

Why C? it is a powerful antioxidant that helps support the immune system and protect against damaging free radicals. We know that allergies are 500 Mg Sustained Release was created with a proprietary sustained-release system that delivers the vitamin C equivalent of one-and-a-half oranges every hour for five hours.

Click here for 500 Mg C.


Dr. Frank Painter:


Alfalfa Complex (#20160) is made from organically grown alfalfa plants. Scientists have discovered that non-conventionally grown plants produce a powerful family of different phytochemicals called phytoalexins, as a defensive “immune response” to an assault by bugs, bacteria, viruses, molds, or mildews. [33]

Shaklee’s Alfalfa naturally contains one of the most interesting of the phytoalexins, called Medicarpin. This compound has been found to be so effective that Merck Pharmaceutical Company patented a synthetic version of it as a therapeutic agent to treat allergic conditions, asthma, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammation. [34, 35]

This helps explain why Alfalfa Complex has always been popular in the Shaklee Field for managing respiratory and allergic disorders. Alfalfa is a natural antihistamine and decongestant, acts as a digestive aid, and is an important source of trace minerals. It is very effective for sinus problems, especially allergies and hay fever. Additionally, it reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joints.



“I have eliminated all allergy meds by taking 20-30 alfalfa per day during my peak seasons. Amazing! I agree the other options are good but definitely add alfalfa.”

“16 years ago, I was taking 3-24hour Claritin daily and still having sinus infections about every 6 weeks. A man I worked with suggested Shaklee alfalfa to me every time I got sick, but I always refused. I refused to accept the idea that alfalfa could help me with hay fever allergies.
Finally one day I caved in and told him that I would try it (mostly to prove it would not work and get him off my back). I began with 18/day. In 3 days, I felt dramatically better. I stopped Claritan then, and continue taking alfalfa daily. I have not had a single hay fever episode, allergies attack, or sinus infection since 1998. I’ve had various health challenges over the years, and Shaklee has been my lifesaver every single time.”

“I have the same problem. Alfalfa and immunity formula 1 does the trick for me. START NOW. If he gets it bad like I do, he cannot start soon enough. I now take the alfalfa all year long. 20 a day and one immunity.”

“Alfalfa alfalfa alfalfa-I suffered from hay fever etc. Vitalizer & alfalfa & I no longer have to take my prescription.”

“I did a test when they come to my home with sniffles or allergies, I ask them if they want to get rid of fast before they go home, So I give them 10 alfalfa 6 Immunity formula I and 3 Sustained Release Vita C 500mg.In about 10 min the sniff is gone.”

“I started taking Immunity Formula I and 10 alfalfa daily about seven weeks ago. I stopped my Zyrtec at day 6 and haven’t looked back :). I have horrible outdoor and indoor allergies.”

“I use alfalfa for my 5 yr olds allergies. She’s had drainage and a horrible cough all winter and was basically living on Dimetapp cold and allergy (sad to say). The first day I switched her over to alfalfa, her preschool teacher was amazed she didn’t cough the whole day. Just 5 pills in the morning and it lasts almost all day for her.”

“Alfalfa and Get Clean fresh laundry!”

“In addition, I would suggest he open a capsule of Flavomax and mix with water, and the nose opens up almost immediately, and you can do it as often as you like. along with the other stuff you mentioned. When someone has sinus problems, they really have gut problems. I would also stop ALL dairy (including butter) It seems to add to the mucus, which adds the inflammation.”

“I have been taking Alfalfa and NutriFeron for my allergies and asthma and have been symptom-free since last summer!”

“That’s what I take too. Got me off 4 meds and shots. Have to increase alfalfa on really bad days.”

“My husband finally gave in to my suggestions about taking Alfalfa before he goes out to mow our lawn. I take a lot of Alfalfa for sinus aid as well as for general health. My husband used to have such a horrible time with the 2-1/2 acres of grass, weed, etc that he often had to stop and finish the next day or two. He takes Nutriferon and many other supplements each morning. Now he takes 10 Alfalfa just before he goes out to mow. He no longer has problems with those allergies.”

“I have been asthma free for the last 7yrs. Get clean products are wonderful. Vitalizer, Nutiferon, and alfalfa has helped with my seasonal allergies. No sinus infections in the last 2 years. I will have a flare-up if we get to much rain (plant mold) I increase the alfalfa.”

“Years ago my immune system got so low I developed allergies to everything and as I used a full Shaklee supplement base to regain my health I included 20 alfalfa 3 times a day which really helped. I had chronic and acute sinusitis as well as every other itis you can name and 38 years later, as long as I maintain at least 10 alfalfa 2 times a day I have very few problems.”

” I have grass allergies and I take alfalfa. Shaklee uses only the leaves, not the stems or seeds (other companies may use stems and seeds, hence the problem). I took 30 a day for 6 weeks. Also, I took 6 Vita-C daily, 3 Vita-E, Formula I (we didn’t have Nutriferon then), and more. If you are rebuilding, take what your body needs. Shaklee is a whole complex, not isolated nutrients. Once you get where you need to be, then you can cut back. I have 35 allergies and have been medication-free for years.”

“Each of us is unique–many “allergies” are sensitivities that go away when we correct our immune systems–optiflora is amazing–you may need 4 a day for a while. also Immunity formula 1 is one of my favorite products–during the pollen season, I take 4 each morning–no more runny nose, etc. Garlic is excellent to ward off sinus infections. Alfalfa and Vita C SR are nature’s antihistamines–you must play around with these products to find your way. There are many approaches to dealing with allergies–most of which are not true allergies.”

“I take 15 alfalfa a day and it completely eradicated my post nasal drip. I love it!!!”

“I started out taking 10 tablets 3 times a day 10 years ago. I didn’t see any relief for 6 weeks, I think your body has to build it up in your system for a while. If I ran out, within 3 days my old symptoms began again. I have since cut down my dose to 12-14 tablets once a day and I have no problem maintain a normal life. Alfalfa was the first Shaklee product I ever took and I am a true believer in the fact that Shaklee saved my life.”

” I take 6 alfalfa in the a.m. and 6 at bedtime…no allergies. I also take Immunity I in the am. and NutriFeron at night as I Cannot have a sinus infection (Meniere’s) I also take zinc at bedtime. No sniffles, no drips…no runs! teehee! I would not do a day without these! Much better the Rx and no side effects!!!!!! Good Luck!”

” I use 45 Alfalfa a day per Dr. Brouse. Prior to that, I was using 12 every morning with the daily water flush that I learned about from Martha Willmore’s compilation Methods of Detoxification. So I take 15 first thing in the AM then 10 with each meal of the day.”


“The January 2010 HealthQuest was about asthma prevention, and a LOT of information points to what infants are exposed to early on, like solid foods BEFORE 6 months, as well as how long they were breastfed, and how early they are introduced to a multi-vitamin.” There is a call archived at BobsFiles (you need to set up a free account to access it) —>


From Dr. Painter:

There is not a large body of information about alfalfa in the serious scientific literature. Here’s what I have been able to gather:

Alfalfa Complex: Alfalfa is a natural antihistamine and decongestant, acts as a digestive aid, and is an important source of trace minerals. It is very effective for sinus problems, especially allergies and hay fever. Additionally, it reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joints.

Shaklee Is Better Than Organic

The Phytoalexins

Although there does not seem to be a convenient list, naming all of these compounds, I have uncovered some sources that discuss some of them. Here’s what I have been able to compile so far:

The Most Researched Phytoalexins:

One of the most interesting of the phytoalexins is called Medicarpin. They are found at high levels in Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex (# 20153). These compounds have been found to be so effective that a pharmaceutical company patented a synthetic version of it as a therapeutic agent for treating allergic conditions, asthma, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammation. [19] Isn’t that a mouthful? This helps to explain why Alfalfa Complex has been so popular in the Shaklee field for managing respiratory and allergic disorders. [20]

19. Medicarpin Derivatives and Analogs
Free Patents Online

20. Pharmacological effects of urinary products obtained after treatment with saiboku-to, a herbal medicine for bronchial asthma, on type IV allergic reaction
Planta Med. 2000 (Oct); 66 (7): 607-11



Medicarpin derivatives and analogs – Merck & Co., Inc.

Medicarpin derivatives and analogs – Merck & Co., Inc.









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