Burning those calories? In 20 minutes of exercise!

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180 Program – BURST Day 2

So fun!

I love rolling out of bed, throwing on some indoor work out clothing, propping up my Ipad on the arm of the couch, and working out on the carpet in the living room!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m basically, or I was a gym rat.

Deciding on my work out the night before. Swim, Bike, Run or weights.  Laying out what ever gear I needed. Well, I still do that! lol

Then getting up, and actually getting OUT of bed, to head to gym. I loved it, when I did it. Not so helpful when I thought, oh gosh, look at the clock. I don’t have time to get a work out in before work!

I love doing my BURST work out at home!

OK, so today I timed my work out. The reason for this? Self talk.

I want to tell myself, that I can spend xx of minutes taking care of my health!  That is is quck, effective, and I can get my  exercise in before I’m even awake!

If you are like me, your life is full, lots going on, and it feels like there is never enough time, yes?

My BURST work out today took approximately 19 minutes.  That’s warm up, work out and cool down.

Warm up was 6 minutes.

Work out took 9 minutes.

Cool off was 3 minutes.

Love that I didn’t have to do any planning around my work out! No schlepping of gear.

Was it really a work out?

Check out my heart rate for basically 9 minutes of exercise, and I burned 88 calories!


Heart rate during BURST work out

Then, a 180 smoothie with berries and off to my conference call!

Would was your exercise/workout today?

About how long do you think you spent?

Did you record it?

Looking forward to hearing your comments –

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