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So What is Trochanteric Bursitis besides a pain in you know what, or hip.

From the Cleveland Clinic, web site click here “Trochanteric bursitis is an inflammation (swelling) of the bursa (fluid-filled sac near a joint) at the outside point of the hip… when it becomes irritated or inflamed” it hurts.

How do we get this? Injury, overuse, having our bodies out of alignment, sometimes other diseases, if we have had previous surgery, and sometimes bone spurs.

I really like Dr. Brouse’s explanation in his book “Build A Better You,” he explains that when the bursa swells – could be due to injury or overuse – it no longer fits into the small area which can cause irritation and then “the bone begins to put pressure on it and bursitis ensues.”


What can be done to decrease the inflammation, which decreases the swelling.

Dr. Brouse suggests you:

  • Immobilize the area (which will encourage healing)
    Cold compresses apply 3x day for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain
    Food supplements:
    Alfalfa Complex
    Joint & Muscle Pain Cream
    Pain Relief Complex
    Soy Protein
    Sustained Release Vita-C
    Vita-E Complex

“Why Do I Feel This Way”    by Christine Gaber, RHN, and Charlene Day, RDC they suggest the following”

[sorry this is so hard to read, please contact me for a readable version]


AW: I have had bursitis in my hips for nearly 50 years, so I can’t address my shoulder. BUT, when I started eating Shaklee 41 years ago, my hips got MUCH better!! I took/take lots of lecithin and omega guard and alfalfa and then added joint health etc. as they became available. and I stopped riding huge saddles and wide horses. the past two years I have been doing a lot of heavy rock work around the house, and when I overdo it, my hips suffer. but with some backing off the too-heavy lifting, my hips keep pretty much pain-free. I hope that you, too, will have great success with the bursitis that I have had over the decades!!!

LK: Vivix and Pain Relief (Boswellia) along with Omega’s are inflammation-fighting HEROS!

LH: I had this a while back. Icing the area for ~15 minutes helped. Also, pain relief complex. Gentle stretching of the area too. I already was taking Vitalizer and 2 of our soy shakes daily, so continued that.

AE: I took extra omega guard and Alfalfa to help with the inflammation.

SF: Vivix and Vitalizer to start. Then add Alfalfa and OmegaGuard

CR: Megan, what helped me handle these symptoms was drinking the Shaklee teas. The first day I had a cup, my ankles didn’t swell anymore. After three days, I noticed there was NO MORE swelling in all of my body. I was drinking a cup a day and continue to do so. When I miss drinking it, guess what? There is swelling after a week. So I continue to drink the tea….it is nothing but fantastic for handling this for me…..let me know if you try it what happens.

PP: Lots of omega guard. I had tendinitis in my elbow a few yrs ago, read that Dr.Chaney ( I think it was) had that, took 8 omegas a day, and the pain was gone in 3 days. That worked for me, I stayed on 8 for 2 weeks, then gradually cut back to 2 gr a day (my chiro recommendation). The pain never returned. Before doing that I tried chiro adjustments, massage, extra alfalfa. The omega was the only thing that worked.

MJ: Omega Guard for inflammation, Alfalfa to neutralize, Vital Mag to supplement the need to better joints, and Joint & Health Complex. I add Pain Relief as needed;  take on daily in the a.m. and one at bedtime. Watch your diet for sodium, nitrates, MSG; and drink good clean Water (Of course recommend our Get Clean pitcher)…I rely on these products. I may increase the Joint Health Complex to twice a day during days of more pain, but by in large this group does the job for me…And you might want to check out a chiropractor for an adjustment. Sometimes that too helps, and the nutrition mends!


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