Cold? Sore Throat? Sick? Jeannie’s story!

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I’m really feeling bad. I have some information that I have not been sharing, and I apologize.

I apologize to all of my friends who have been sick.

Every time a friend would get sick, I would just feel so guilty for not telling them, not letting them know they have a choice – an option.

Do you know someone, maybe you, or  someone in your house hold, a co-worker who has gotten that nasty cold/flu/bug thing that is going around?

They missed a week or more from work/life?

They still are not feeling all that great, after a week of being sick?

A friend, and also a customer is the one who told me about this option.

Jeannie, my friend, emailed me on a  Monday morning from work and said “I’m getting sick. I can feel it. Help.”

I called her back, we chatted about what was going on for her and  how was she feeling.

I told her I would do some research and get back to her. I emailed her the information I had found. She decided what she was willing to try.

Desperate times require despite measures.

I delivered the products she had wanted to her that afternoon.

When I saw her on Thursday, for our usual lunch, she was WELL!

Jeannie is someone who use to be the sickie in her family.

This past year she has been the one to NOT get sick! With a child in day care, and she works with the public all day long, you can imagine what kind of bugs she is exposed too.

She has been the “well” one!

Imagine how crushed she was when she starting feeling sick on Monday! You know, that tickle in your throat…

Can you imagine how ecstatic she was when she went from “sick” to “well” in DAYS!

I had not had a chance to try the products she used, ‘cause I rarely get sick.

Then, I started to come down with what everyone else has!

Oh NO! I had that feeling – you know, the tickle in the throat, telling you that a sore throat is coming. I started feeling a bit tired and a bit “spacy”.

Sound familiar?

So, I did what Jeannie did.

It WORKED. Seriously!

2 days I took this stuff, and I was feeling normal!

Will it work like this for you? I don’t know. I don’t know your body. We are all different. But, it did work for us! Just sayen!


The two products that Jeannie takes (she carries them in her purse now!) that I now swear by are both Shaklee products:

Defend and Resist (when you feel that first tickle) and  Immunity Formula I (boost immune system!)

Why two? The Defend and Resist is designed to help you when you first start feeling it come on. The Immunity Formula I helps to boost your immune system, in a healthy way – so our body can be healthy, again.

If you want something that works, that doesn’t wreck your body, have side effects or do something awful to you. Keep these two products in your medicine cabinet.

When a family member or a friend starts to feel like they are getting sick – you can tell them, or hand them the Defend and Resist and Immunity formula I, to start taking!

You are now a rock star, for helping some one you care about feel better!

Want these products? Click here.

Questions? Please leave a comment on this blog or contact me for more information.  or 541.525.0703

Thanks! Stay Well!



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