Comfort clashes with Eco

by | May 8, 2012 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

The Eugene Marathon is Sunday, tomorrow! My hot tub has been an important part of keeping my body healthy to run. Soaking, after long cold wet runs here in Western Oregon as been awesome.  Feeling the rain on my face, while soaking just helps me to feel so alive! 🙂

My hot tub is sick, it has water mold! Who knew.

Getting rid of water mold. Not so easy, or so green.

I am dumping these awful chemicals into the hot tub to kill the water mold, then I’m draining these awful chemicals into the yard! From my yard these chemicals will end up in my ground and in the street as run off.  Here in Eugene the run off goes to the streams/rivers in the area.

We also have lots of wild life in our city. Deer, raccoons, possum’s, wild turkeys and birds, etc. all pass through, and some sleep, in our yard.  I’m concerned about the contamination from these chemicals, and if any of the drained water pools, hopefully none of the wild, or domestic animals will drink the water!

Comfort is clashing  with helping the planet. I’m trying to not inflict more damage!

OK, and a bit of personal whining. Draining the tub, scrubbing out the tub, washing the filters – attempting to detox the filters from all these nasty chemicals I put into the tub to kill the water mold – replacing the filters, and refilling the tub, adding more chemicals…  hmmmm

There has got to be a better way.


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