Compression socks – Zoot to the rescue. Thanks!

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Every have one of those periods of time when your body is changing?

Not long ago, I had my nutrition dialed in.

I was working out, losing weight, and life was great!That was then, this is now.

A new wrinkle in my life. I stopped working out. Totally! Nothing. Zip exercise. Very weird.

As of last night, I’m starting to get leg cramps!

Just to be clear, when I swim, I do some times get a leg/calf/bottom of foot cramp. Usually after I have been swimming for over 45 minutes. I just finish my swim not using that part of my body, then I get out.

All is well.

Laying in my chair last night watching TV, my ankle begins feeling strange. I wiggled it some and I realized, I’m starting to get a cramp in my ankle/foot!

No way.

This is not when I get cramps.

Why am I getting a cramp?

Lack of use?

Change in diet?

OK, besides all the “why” questions, what to do?

A while ago I had purchased a pair of Zoot Compress RX Calf sleeves, during the Zoot open house at MultiSport Advantage, the local Tri store.

I bought them because of my swimming cramping issues

Zoot Compression Calve Sleeves to the rescue!

Did the Zoot rep say they would help with my swimming cramps?


Did I wear them swimming?

Of course!

Did they help? I absolutely think so. But, for all you researchers and number crunchers folks, it was only one trial. 🙂

Would I wear them from a swim to a bike?

Nope. They were pretty wet, and not drying very fast. Even after I washed them and hung them to dry, it took a while.  I live in the Northwest, where the temps are usually low. I guess if you were doing a Tri in AZ or FL the sleeves might help cool you off, but I haven’t tried it.

Back to sleeping with the leg/ankle/feet cramps.

I found (I had to look, OK search for them, of course) my Zoot calf sleeves last night before bed, and put them on!

Of course looking amazingly stylish as sleep wear! 🙂

Slept like a baby!

No cramps all night!  Only feeling twinges today, as I sit writting this.

Thank you Zoot Compress Calf Sleeves!


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