Crazy side of Weight Loss – after the holidays!

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Fat? Holidays? The Crazy side of Weight Loss

Ok, haven’t we  all read the stories about weight gain during the holidays –  that people gain about 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.

Gain during the holidays, lose in January, gain in February. After all it’s Valentine’s day/week, right? Get back on the plan March, ‘cause summer is coming! It will be shorts and bathing suit season soon!

Don’t you think we have just defined the whole “yo-yo” dieting thing! Aren’t we good at it!

Ok, so we know the chances of gaining weight are good during certain times of the year. Let’s factor in aging. If you just gain 5  pounds a year, about average, in 4 years that 20 pounds! I don’t know about you, but for me that’s 2 sizes! 2 increase in dress sizes!

Me? I’m still working on those last 10 pounds. You know the ones that have literally been hanging around for a few years… that I’m going to do something about, some day soon?

Ok, so I have a plan for dropping the weight. I found a product that can work for me, when I work it. Sound familiar? Since I started this plan, I did lose 10 pounds! The last 10 pounds? Sadly no. This was the “start a new business” 10 pounds. So, got them off. Then the holidays.

Yes, I gained 5 pounds during the holidays. Not exactly what I had in mind….

How did I gain the weight? Looking back, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out (hope no rocket scientist are offended!). I ate all the foods that I loved! Foods that I don’t normally eat:  chocolate, desserts, breads, cookies, ice cream and cheeses etc. – they are not healthy, not good for me,  taste great and I didn’t exercise!  What a recipe for gaining weight!  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Believe it or not, I do have some good news!

I found that because I don’t normally eat those wonderful, sweet, not  healthy foods, that after the holidays, when I wanted to start dropping pounds, I did!

It’s easy to cut out those unhealthy foods. I gladly am cutting them out, for now. I really enjoyed hanging out with my old friends again (the unhealthy sweets), and I’m more than happy to say “good bye.” I need to say goodbye, for now, so I can stay focused on my goal, dropping  these “extra” pounds.

Now, I’m back on the plan. Journaling what I’m eating, increasing my exercise, cutting out those foods that I had during the holidays, and feeling great because I only gained 5 pounds, AND I have already lost 1 ½ pounds!

Of course, it would have been nice to not gain any weight during the holiday season, but that’s not what I did. So, I’m very thankful that I didn’t gain more, and I’m glad I have a plan, so I can start dropping those pounds off right away. I want to achieve my goal, of dropping another 10 pounds! I can just imagine how I will feel. How I will look, how my clothes will fit. Can you?

How did your holiday eating go?

Where you eating foods that supported your health?

Did you slip now and then?

Are you back on your plan now?


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