February is Heart Month

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Being with a loved one, or loving yourself.

It’s about love.    And Love also includes self-care.

human heart

Are you taking care of your physical heart? Are you eating healthy?

Getting enough exercise and drinking enough water?

Are you taking care of your “heart”.  Are you taking a moment to just stop, and breathe? To be thankful?

Are you living, or learning to live a heart-centered life?

As a small business person, I’m working on creating/being a “heart-centered” business. Exploring what that means, what it looks like.

2 Tips for you:

1. Sometimes loving ourselves takes more energy than we can gather up. Mel Robbins has a little something to help. The high 5 Challenge! Which is free. Click this link.

2. Danielle LaPorte has a wonderful 11-15 minute mediation. On her website. Click here, then look down the page, at the footer for the link to the Meditation. Enjoy!

Love is also giving yourself grace… we have all been through, are going through, a lot.

Do you have a few tips on Self-care? Something you have tried that works, or something you are now putting into practice?

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Just hit reply, and share your tips. Your tip, might be just what someone else is looking for.

Be Well,

Robin Forster, Rick Albin & Laura Krause

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