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Fibromyalgia. Not fun.

I saw a friends post on Facebook, she was sharing another friends’ status on the down side of Fibromyalgia. I asked her if she would like some information, that she may not have, that might be helpful.

She said yes!

This post, is a compilation of stories/testimonials, blog posts and recordings from people on the journey to a healthier life!

Truly. A healthy life is available for anyone who is willing.

Please make sure you read the blog post that Jenni Oats wrote (scroll down for the link).  I have seen Jenni in person at a number of conferences, I have subscribed to her workouts – BURST- and I have participated in a fun run with her! And I had no idea she had fibromyalgia!

I have also included the Fibromyalgia Relief Program from Dr. Sandra Bevacqua, PhD. At the end of this post.


This post is about helping you to not feel so alone, and  to suggest alternatives that you may have not considered. This page is NOT about diagnosing, or giving out medical advice, etc. etc.

Please share with us, in the comments, your story, and your journey. This is an opportunity to pass on positives to others.


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Stories and testimonials:

Eliza B’s story:

MY FIBROMYALGIA STORY: I started with Shaklee 5 years ago by de-toxing my house of the noxious cleaning products. I was already taking what I considered premium supplements, recommended by my wellness MD. After I saw how great the cleaning products worked (and also how nice it was to not have to wear a bandana around my nose and mouth and stop breathing while I cleaned!) I decided to try the supplements. Two months later I had a moment when I realized I was feeling LOTS better. Calmer, more clear headed, less tired and achey, more energy. It’s been all uphill from there! I was on five prescriptions and I’m weaning off my last one now. I started with the Vitalizer Gold, 180 shake and sometimes Vivix. I also take extra B Complex on low energy days, Energy Chews and Pomegranate tea with a meal bar. I take Stress Relief Complex to help with anxiety. I love it all. It all works as stated.

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Tomorrow night’s Product Talk call is going to be great!
See description below!

Healthy Living As Green As It Gets

PAIN & LETHARGIC NO MORE! ~ Tuesday, November 11, 2014 ~
Fibromyalgia Symptoms gone!

This week, Eliza Swain will discuss her experience of going from lethargic and achey to being a mover and a shaker!

Her story started at the ripe old age of 28! She was pretty much bed-ridden by 36 years old, after eight years of insomnia, increasing lethargy and pain.She was diagnosed by a rheumatologist at 36 with Fibromyalgia and was given anti-depressants.

She started her wellness journey immediately, trying to learn everything she could to heal and not just mask my symptoms. Got somewhat better with the supplements and wellness regime she followed for 17 years.

At 53, she discovered Shaklee and within two months was feeling a huge change! Much more energy, calmer, better memory. Now, 5 years later she has a full life again and is amazed all the time by how much she can do! Giving your body the nutrients it craves has given Eliza her life back.

Who Do You Know Who Has:
Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, or tightness?
Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy?
Insomnia or waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep?
Tension or migraine headaches?
Numbness or tingling in the face, arms, hands, legs, or feet?

Invite them to join in this discussion! You might change their life!
DAY/DATE: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
TIME: 8:45p (ET) 7:45p (CT) 6:45p (MT) 5:45p (PT) and 2:45p (Hawaii)
CALL IN: 212-990-8000 pin 6262#
This call will be archived – message me for more information.

Please contact: for the archived link. 541.525.0703

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From Diana via FB Testimonials:

I am sure many of you Shaklee friends already know about the fantastic liver, intestine, colon cleanse. When I was having some long term pain and feeling constipated, my up-line told me about the cleanse. She suggested about once every 4-6 weeks. I always want to make sure that I have no where I need to be away from the house the next morning. Depending on your size (I am only 102# so I only use 3 tabs and then 2 tabs), you take 4-5 Herb Lax tabs with a large glass of warm water between 6-7 pm and another 4-5 tabs between 9-10 pm. Be ready during your rise in the a.m. and throughout the morning to be heading to the bathroom several times. My first time I took too large of a dose for my size and thought I would never quit. I had intense pain until late into the afternoon, diarrhea, and weak. From then on I down sized the dose for my small body and I feel great going through it and you are finished by late morning.

— feeling clean.

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  • Erika I HAVE MY LIFE BACK – From Disability to Healthy & Vibrant
    In 1994 I was totally disabled with fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FMS) just three years prior to my disability and was promised, at that time, that it would get worse. At the age of 38, doctors were saying I had the body of a 63 year old women and I felt like I was more like eighty-five. I could not go up a flight of steps without stopping 3-4 times to rest (I came down in the morning and went up at night). I could not bend over to take clothes out of the dryer, sweep the floor or shake rugs. I could not wring a washcloth out to wash my face and had to get dressed lying down. I educated myself on nutrition and the role it plays in the body pertaining to wellness, (listening to tapes and reading books) designed my own nutrition program and borrowed enough money to keep it going for 1½ years, because I knew it was going to take some time to build my health back. Even though I was experiencing side benefits all along; the first real solid sign of restored health, I received from my body, came 1 year and 4 months after I started my program. It was during the holiday time, when stresses are high and it was the first time in about four years that I had a ‘yellow’ urine. When the borrowed funds ran out, two months later, I had to cut back on the amount of Shaklee supplements I was taking. Within four days some of the old pains and symptoms returned, which was a tremendous confirmation to me that what I was doing was exactly what I needed to continue to do and in order to do that I had to find a way to grow my Shaklee business to the point that I could afford all the supplements my body needed to get well and stay well.

    What motivates me is having my life back. I can squeeze a washcloth out with one hand now and run up and down the steps all day and still not be exhausted. Seeing results in other people is so up-lifting and confirming to me to remain loyal to the ONLY thing that works – Shaklee.

    I made Supervisor in 1998 it has been consistently growing a little at a time. With my health condition, I had to rest a lot and when I did feel good I didn’t have the freedom to jump in the car and go ‘see the people’, because as an epileptic since childhood, and I still have seizures every day – I cannot drive. However, I am learning more about how to run/grow my business through the internet and am looking forward to some extraordinary growth there.

    Before Shaklee I was a merchandise manager and data entry/receptionist at Dillard’s Dept. Stores. The thing that prompted me to start building my Shaklee business was that I could buy the same products at a cheaper price and pay myself for using them – in essence, get my products free! I have become more confident in everything I do.
    My health and the health of my family is much improved. Besides the fibromyalgia and epilepsy, we have dealt with elevated cholesterol, ADD, allergies, asthma, diabetes and we have done it all with the Shaklee nutrition. I would never be able to afford the supplements I take every day without my Shaklee business. Being a Shaklee business builder has taken me to places I have never been and I am looking forward to seeing so much more!

    Shaklee will continue to be a large part of my life for as long as I live. I love giving Shaklee products for birthday/shower/anniversary gifts; not only does it make a wonderful, valuable gift … it also increases my PV!! The most exciting part of the whole business is seeing the change in other peoples’ health and wealth as they begin to discover all that Shaklee has to offer.

    I thank God for giving me the grace, knowledge and fortitude to do whatever I needed to do to re-build my health and I thank Shaklee for the supplements that gave me results!
    Sue, MO

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Great Blog post from Jenni Oats on her journey to being healthy:

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Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia Relief:


Stress & Fibromyalgia by Moeller


 Fibromyalgia: Details on the Natural Approach by Alonda Panck


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A program for those with fibromyalgia, myomyalgia, polymyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Sandra J. Bevacqua, Ph.D. and Nancy L. Williams

World Integrated Systems in Health


Welcome to the Fibromyalgia Relief program.  Using this program you will learn all you need to know to make yourself well.  Yes, this means symptom free!  Many of our clients using the Fibromyalgia Relief program report no symptoms of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Consistency is the name of the game.  If you can make these changes a regular part of your life, you are guaranteed to feel better.  Our basic program addresses five important elements necessary for achieving health in several stages. Your Fibromyalgia Relief Counselor will help guide you through the program.  The first two stages are outlined for you and should be followed carefully.  The later stages you design yourself, using the program guidelines.  Some people may be able to complete each stage in two weeks.  Others may need to take 3 months or more.  Choose your own pace to work through this program.


The basic program has 5 elements.  Each of these is important and an integral part of the whole:


  1. Diet
  2. Hydration

III.   Nutritional Supplementation

  1. Exercise
  2. Mental Well-being





Commitment to the First Stage of the Basic Program includes:


  1. Drink 8 cups (8 oz. each) of water each day.


  1. Take a single serving of a basic foundation of nutrients using high quality food supplements (not synthetic or ‘natural’)* daily. Add 1-2 servings of cold water washed soy protein isolate shakes and 1-2 servings of calcium magnesium supplement daily.  Your Healthy Weighs Counselor will help you obtain these products and determine exactly how much you need*.


  1. Replace 3 servings of foods containing sugar or flour with fresh fruits or vegetables in your daily diet. (One serving of fruits or vegetables = one whole fruit or one cup.)


  1. Walk or stretch for a minimum of 10 minutes per day.


  1. Spend time with an uplifting person or engage in an uplifting activity for at least 15 minutes daily.


  1. Make daily entries in your Food and Health Diary: a simple diary in which you make daily entries of what you eat and how you feel.





Graduate to the Second Stage between two and four weeks after starting the program.


Commitment to the Second Stage of the Basic Program includes:


  1. Drink a minimum of 10 cups of water each day.


  1. Continue using the basic nutrient program developed in Stage I. Now add one serving of a microencapsulated probiotic and one quarter serving of a gentle colon cleansing herbal that is approved for children daily.  This step is critical to your recovery.  Begin with using each of these prior to retiring each night.  The number of servings may change depending on you needs.  Discuss with your Fibromyalgia Relief Counselor how to determine the optimal number of servings for you and what time of the day it is best to use them.


  1. Include a minimum of 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables in your daily diet. Limit foods containing any sugar or flour to 2 servings per day.


  1. Walk or exercise 10 minutes per day (min.) and stretch 10 minutes per day (min.).


  1. Add an additional uplifting activity each day. Suggestions or ideas are listed below under Element V., Mental Well-being.


  1. Expand the use of your Food and Health Diary by including observations of trends, patterns or changes.


Although you may be feeling much better now, there is still more to do.

To achieve optimal health and relief from your fibromyalgia symptoms, advance to Stage Three and Beyond.




When you feel confident at having mastered the second stage for at least two weeks, choose and commit to making 5 or more points worth of lifestyle changes from the lists below. As you move from stage to stage, balance the points among the 5 elements of the basic program.  Each stage is completed when you can maintain and are comfortable with the lifestyle changes you have made.  Move through Stage Three and Beyond at your own pace.  It is recommended to spend at least two weeks at each stage in order for these new habits to become comfortable, permanent and a part of who you are. Your success is measured by the regaining of your good health and not by the length of time if takes to move through the stages.  Each time you notice a symptom that has gone away for a week or more, record the date in your Food and Health Diary.  Don’t be discouraged if the symptom returns.  It is normal to have temporary regressions during the healing process.  Be patient, the only way to fail is to quit.


Element   I.   Diet

____Include a minimum of 3 servings of protein daily.  Good sources of protein are soy,

fish, eggs, chicken and turkey (all antibiotic and hormone free).  Sources of more fatty proteins that are allowable are: lean pork, lean beef, bison, venison, elk, almonds, cashews, filberts, macadamias, and pistachios.   Limit fatty proteins to 1 serving per day.   (2 pts)

____Add 1 point if you increase to 4 to 5 servings of protein daily.   (1 pt)

____Include 1/4 cup per day of whole nuts or seeds (no peanuts or soy nuts).  (1pt)

____Include 2 to 3 servings of fresh fruit each day, limiting to 1 banana, peach,

OR 1 cup of grapes.   (2 pts)

____Include 3 to 4 servings of vegetables each day.   (2 pts)

____Make 2 servings of your vegetables raw each day.  (2 pts)

____Maintain a diet that includes 35 grams of fiber daily.  (4 pts)

____Eliminate artificial sweeteners.  (2 pts)

____Eliminate preservatives and food additives.  (3 pts)

____Eliminate flour, semolina, and durum.  (4 pts)

____Eliminate fried snack foods.  (2 pts)

____Eliminate peanuts and peanut oil.  (1 pt)

____Eliminate all foods that have any of these sugars in the first 5 ingredients:

barley malt, cane juice, concentrated fruit juice, corn syrup, date sugar, dextrose, fructose, galactose, glycogen, glucose, honey, invert sugar, lactose,       maltodextrin, maltose, mannitol, maple syrup, molasses, rice syrup, sorbitol, sorghum, sucanat, sucrose, sugar, turbinato, washed cane crystals, xylitol.

Acceptable replacements are stevia powder, and or 100% vegetable glycerine.  For each ¼ cup sugar in recipes, use 1 to 2 tablespoons glycerine, ¼ teaspoon stevia rebaudiana (green) powder, or 1/8 teaspoon stevia extract (white) powder.  (4 pts)

____Eliminate corn, corn syrup, and corn starch.  (1 pt)

____Eliminate potatoes.  (1 pt)

____Eliminate fruit juices.  (You can add back one 4 oz. serving 2 times per week,

one month after you reach 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily and take 1 Optiflora*                    serving daily  (1 pt)


Element II.   Hydration

____Increase your water intake to 1/2 of your body weight in ounces/day.  (If you weigh

150 lbs, you would drink 75 oz. of water/day.) You will need to drink more when

participating in heavy exercise or when living in a hot and/or dry climate.  (2pts)

____Carry a water bottle with you everywhere and drink from it regularly.  (1 pt)

____Eliminate beverages with caffeine from your diet.  (2 pts)

____Eliminate carbonated beverages.  (2 pts)

____Eliminate artificially sweetened beverages.   (2 pts)


Element III.   Nutritional Supplementation

____Take 2 servings of a microencapsulated probiotic with FOS, inulin and Jerusalem

artichoke such as the Optiflora System*, per day.  (4 pts)

____Add alfalfa to your daily supplementation.  The supplement must be free of all

material from the flower or pollen of the alfalfa plant. (3 pts)

____Add a milk thistle based liver detoxification product, such as Liver DTX* to your

daily supplementation.   (3 pts)

____Add 1-2 servings of a high grade borage seed oil, such as GLA Complex* to your

daily supplementation.  (3 pts)

____Add 1-2 servings of eicosapentaenoic acid with DHA, such as Essential Omega-3

Fatty Acid Complex* to your daily supplementation.   (2 pts)

____Add 2 raw cloves of garlic or 2-4 garlic tablets* (not odorless or aged).  (2 pts)

____Add a high quality, food supplement grade B-complex* to your daily

supplementation (2-3 servings/day).   (3 pts)

____Add one serving of a mixed carotenoid supplement* to your daily

supplementation.  (2 pts)

____Add 1-2 servings of a natural mixture of tocopherols* to your daily

supplementation.  (1 pt./serving)

____Add 2-4 grams citrus or rosehip based food supplement, such as Sustained Release

Vitamin C Complex* to your daily supplementation.  (1 pt./2 grams)

____Add 1 serving of Coenzyme Q10 plus Resveratrol* to your daily supplementation.

(1 pt.)


Element IV.   Exercise

____Do assisted stretching 15 minutes per day.  (2 pts)

____Increase individual stretching to 30 minutes, 5 days per week.  (3 pts)

____Walk 15 minutes per day.   (2 pts)

____Add activities such as Yoga, Quigong, or Tai Chi classes 1 time per week.    (2 pt)

____Add 2 extra points for every 2 days of added Yoga, Quigong or Tai Chi practiced

each week.  (2 pt)

____Add swimming: minimum of 1 time per week.   (2 pts)

____Add 2 extra points for swimming 3 times per week.  (2 pts)

____Use the jacuzzi, whirlpool, or get a gentle massage 1 time per week.  (1 pt)

____Add 2 extra points or using the jacuzzi, whirlpool or gentle massage if 3 times            per week.  (2 pts)

____Add a sport activity of your choice 1 to 3 times per week.  (2 pts)

____Ride a gentle horse at a walk at least once per week.   (2 pts)


Element V.   Mental Well-being

____Practice meditation for 20 minutes a minimum of 2 times per week.  (1 pt)

____ Add 1 extra point if your meditation includes visualization of free, joyful         movement and happy, healthy living.   (1 pt)

____Eliminate reading the newspaper.   (1 pt)

____Add 1 extra point if the newspaper is replaced with uplifting reading material. (1 pt)

____Eliminate watching the TV news.   (1 pt)

____Add 1 extra point for each addition of reading uplifting material or                                activity such as funny movies, fun activities, or fun social activity.  (1 pt each)

____Engage in a new creative activity a minimum of once per week.  Some possible

ideas are:  writing, sewing, quilting, drawing, painting, building bird houses, stenciling furniture, decorating flower pots, redesigning your landscaping, making hand made gifts or cards,  etc., etc., etc.  (2 pts)

____Engage in an activity involving animals such as walking, riding or grooming a horse,

walking, grooming or petting a dog or cat, etc. (1 pt)

____Travel or have a change of scenery.  (1 pt)

____Select one extra project per week and complete it.  Some ideas are: wash

or detail your car, clean out a junk drawer, catch up on filing, write a letter,                         clean a closet, rearrange the furniture, etc., etc.  This can be anything you’ve                     wanted to do and haven’t gotten to or you have been avoiding. (1 pt)

____Spend a minimum of 1 hour per week gardening.   (1 pt)

____Add an extra point if your gardening includes growing and eating green, leafy            vegetables.  (1 pt)

____Eliminate soap operas.  Replace them with uplifting materials or activity.  (1 pt)

____Limit interaction with the most negative people you know.   (2 pt)

____Practice your faith or engage in spiritual growth activities.  (2 pt)

____Get 6 hours of sleep or more per 24-hour day.   (2 pts)

Some aids that may help you sleep if it is difficult may include sitting in a jacuzzi or warm bath before bed; listen to soothing music when you go to bed; have a cup of hot tea before bed (chamomile, Sleepy Time*, etc.); take herb valerian (Gentle Sleep Complex*) and/or ½ serving of calcium magnesium supplement as sleep aids; take naps during the day.

____Add 2 extra points if you average 9 or more hours of sleep per 24-hour day.  (2 pts)

____Add to your Food and Health Diary a list of what you accomplished each day.

This includes small accomplishments as well as large.  (1 pt)

____Add 1 extra point for consistently making entries in your Food and Health Diary

each day. (1pt)

____Make new goals for your life and affirm and visualize them daily.  (3 pts)

____Write positive affirmations about your health; read and visualize them daily.   This is

something that your Fibromyalgia Relief counselor can help you achieve. (3 pts)



*It is very important that you choose supplements which are of the highest quality to obtain the best results and reduce the chance of exacerbating your symptoms due to quality control issues.  Please contact the WISH office or a Healthy Weighs Counselor in order to gather information about where to obtain the various supplements listed above.


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