Fitness, B.U.R.S.T., exercise? Laughing out loud

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Laughing out loud!

I knew I was out of shape – which is why I’m doing the Shaklee 180 program, and just completed Day 1 of B.U.R.S.T.

I’m SO out of shape – I can’t help but laugh at myself – in a good way.

I’m in the privacy of my own living room – not even a dog watching me – dressed in my work out clothes – that I would never even answer the door in, much less step outside the house!

And I’m laughing.

I have my ipad going and I’m watching Jenn and Nathan Oats – (tight, firm, toned bodies rock star awesome bodies – and she has had 4 babies!) as they explain how their BURST system works.

Today I start, following their directions completely on my ipad (you can use your phone or lap top. You just need some room to move).

I’m actually following and watching each short “this is what you do” video. Piece of cake (oh no, did I just use that metaphor? Oops!)

Today, I needed to modify every exercise they showed us. Every one!

I like how they show us how to warm up – seriously, we need to do this!

And then, we just follow the music for 20 seconds – just letting it rip!

The music changes for our “rest” – not exactly what I normally think of as a rest break! Lol

Then another 20 seconds, I kid you not, 20 seconds, of work out, then rest!

I did all 3 exercises in all three sets – so glad that I was in my living – I was looking a bit dorky and uncoordinated!

More laughter on my part.

And then, it’s over!

Time for cool down.

And, the BEST part of all?

Clicking on the button link – that says “Work Out Completed”! YES!


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