Fitness Routine Returns! or I Love My Neighborhood

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Healthy Living | 4 comments

Fitness Routine Returns!

I love my neighborhood, even at 5:30 am!

I’m getting back into my fitness routine as I start training for the Eugene Women’s ½ Marathon.

Early Tuesday morning, I head out the door, down the hill, and to my neighborhood track.

As I am making my way around the track,  I hear and see 3 quiet runners, almost shadows, running on the inside lanes.

As a walker, I’m using the outside lane of the track.

Track etiquette – inside lanes are for fast, outside lanes are for slower.

As time and laps pass, the runners finish their work out, and new pair of walkers emerge, in the middle lanes.  Sounds like 2 women, chatting and walking.

I smile to myself as I continue on with my laps.

As I finish my laps/35 minutes, I head back home, and just as I turn onto my street, I see another group of walkers, just their shadows in the dim light…

I love my neighborhood, even at 6:00 am!

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