Germs on your Cell phone, tablet and/or Purse/bag

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Wipe Wednesday

Do you know where your cell phone and the bottom of your purse have been?

Did you hand your tablet or phone to someone who is hacking, sneezing, and coughing all over it?

Does a child ever touch, play, chew, or cough on your cell phone?

I bet you can guess, how did this post come to be!

The other day, as I was entering a public restroom, I spotted something lying on the floor… it was a cell phone! The woman in the next stall had dropped it. On the bathroom floor… in a public restroom…a “looked pretty clean” bathroom floor. Can you imagine what all has been tracked on that floor?

Have you dropped your phone on a bathroom floor?

Or maybe you set your purse or back on the public restroom floor?

That got me thinking … where has my cell phone been? What did I touch? And then, what did I touch? My face? My eyes? A pen I use every day? Car keys?

And I did… I dropped my cell phone in a public restroom! Oh uck!

Are you Wondering how dirty and germy your phone really is?

Take a quick look at this study done by  NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) on the phone of healthcare workers in the operating room of hospitals!

Or this article from the State Food Safety Resources, a training and accreditation facility,  where they talk about the cell phone having 25,107 bacteria per square inch, according to an article in the Seattle Times by journalist Bobby Caina Calvan! Want to read the article? Click the link:

The author, Mr Calvan says that a toilet seat has 1,201 bacteria per square inch! Door Knobs have 8,643 bacteria per square inch. And our cell phones have 25,107 bacteria per square inch!

Is this gross or what?

picture of cell phone with germs

Germy Cell Phone

Now, that we are totally freaked out about how ucky our cell phone or tablet or purse is, let’s take a positive step towards prevention.

You are so right. It’s all about cleaning our phones and keeping the bacteria count down!

There are a couple of sane ways to clean and disinfect our phones.

Here is what Apple says about cleaning their phones:

For me, I’m always looking for budget-friendly, safe, and as green as possible solutions. I’m guessing you do too, which is why you are reading this blog (thank you! We need more people like us, but that’s another discussion).

Wondering what my “go-to” product is?

My “go-to” company for healthy is Shaklee. They stand behind their products, and the company has been around for 70 years!

When I’m home, or at my office, I mix up a 16 oz bottle (using my own water – not increasing the carbon footprint by shipping water) of the concentrated  Basic-G+ (this little pint of disinfect makes 32 gallons of cleaner!). I use just 3/8 tsp per 16 oz  of water, and I spray some of the super, super diluted Germicide onto a soft cloth, I usually use a microfiber cloth and sometimes just a regular wash cloth and wipe down my whole phone –  cover and screen twice!   Then, I use the same cloth (always test on a small section for colorfastness and other issues) and wipe down the bottom of my purse and the handles of my purse!

Bathroom Tip: Use a red cloth on the toilet. The thought of cleaning the toilet and then cleaning the sink, just feels, well, wrong somehow.

Then, I wash my hands, and throw the cloth into the wash!

And, I’m done!

Wondering how you can get your hands on Shaklee Germicide?

Nope, it’s not sold in stores. Click here to go to my website for more information, or to purchase.

If you are local (Eugene, OR) I deliver.

Did I mention, that it’s effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Animal Viruses, and fungi? (and the list goes on, and on!)

  • Mix it yourself. Super concentrated, I dilute it myself using just  3/8 of a teaspoon in 16 oz of my own water! This mixture is good for 14 days. The concentrate is good for 1 year.  Click here to shop for the products we have used and loved for over 30 years!
whtie of Basic G+ Bottle with a blueish lable

Concentrated Disinfectant


Remember Wipe Wednesday! And don’t forget to share Wipe Wednesday with your friends on social media – tag a few folks who could really use this!

I would love to hear, in the comments,  how you keep your phone tablet and purse clean.

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Thanks for reading along!

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