Goals, Networking Activity and Starring Roles?

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You know ” those” networking activities?     

The ones where everyone in the room tries to look enthused?  people_IMG_1277

A friend of mine had a very different experience during one of  the networking activities put on at our  Chamber’s breakfast meeting recently. 

This is his reaction:

“Last week I completed a group exercise that asked me to identify my top 5 “Starring Roles”, i.e., husband, father, advisor, teacher and  entrepreneur. Those roles were fairly clear to me.
Fast forward a few days, and we are in our Master Mind Group.  During our check in,  I was recounting how well I performed against my Goals for the month, (which was dismal), when it occurred to me that when I look at how I rank my top 5 roles and then filter my Goals against those, few of my goals fall within the top five role categories!
The light blub went on!      
So, I obviously have a disconnect between what I set as my monthly goals and what I consider to be my most important roles.
What a revelation!
No wonder my goals aren’t being met.
The assignment  has shifted!
Now, I’m looking at the relationship between my roles and my goals.
I’m looking for a congruence, that has been missing.
I’m looking for balance,  and achievement of the goals with less guilt!”

Does this sound familiar?

What are your starring roles?

What are your goals?

Do your roles and goals support each other?

Are they congruent?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights!


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Oh, and the exercise?

I have included it below, for your reading pleasure.


Networking  Activity: Starring Roles

Brief: Each person will be asked to create a “Roles I Play” card. After completing the card (listing Roles I Play – can be personal/professional/hobby, etc., with number 1 being the most prominent) on the card, and at the  prompt from the leaders, the table will pair-up for a 1-1.

The Table Host will read to the table what the question is for that “role #” .  The table will then ask the question of their 1-1 partner, listen to the answer, and then repeat for the other partner.

Before the meeting:

Email table hosts

Bring index cards (about 80) and pens (30)  for each table

*Put index cards and pens on each table – enough for everyone at the table.

Prepare questions and envelopes.

Assistant (s)- pass out pens, be the timer


• A timer.

• A pleasant-sounding bell to signal people to come back together.

• One large, bright-colored index card for each person attending.

• A pen or pencil for each attendee.

Table Hosts:

Each predetermined  “Table Host” will be asked via email (so they have a copy of what is being asked of them) if they would like to be a table host, and explanation what they will do.

Role of the Table Host:

  1. Before the meeting, the table hosts  will be stationed at a table. They will prompt people to sit at a different table – to try something new. And welcome “different/new” people to their table.
  2. The Table Hosts will be given 5 envelopes. Each envelope will have the question for each role. Tentatively, we could do all 5 roles. Realistically, probably only 3 roles. The table host will read the questions to their table, when prompted by the leaders of the exercise. They will also be able to share the written questions with anyone at the table who would like to read the question.
  3. Table Host participates in the activity.
  4. When time is called, and we move to the next question – the Table Host will read the question to the table, and share the hard copy with whomever would like to read it.
  5. Table Host participates in the activity.
  6.  Rinse and Repeat

Questions (on separate paper and placed in separate envelopes):

Role # 5

Who taught you the most about playing this role well?

Who’s your role model?


Role # 4

How would you feel if you could never play this role again?

What would you miss?


Role # 3

What’s one thing you’re proud of when you think about

how you play this role?


Role # 2

What’s the best thing about playing this role?


Role # 1

Tell your partner about this role, what it means in your life,

and how it brings out the best in you.

Adapted from, and with appreciation: http://marquette.edu/alumni/documents/CompleteNetworkingGuide_07_000.pdf

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