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You know, you never think it’s going to happen to you…

When your body needs more support and help then you know, and your body lets you know that there is a problem…

I was talking with a friend, and she was sharing that she was having issues with Gout.


Being the curious kind of person that I am, I started looking at what if any natural remedies she might be able to use to help her body heal.



How this post is laid out:

The first resource I looked at was a private Shaklee closed Facebook group. In this group, folks are asking questions and sharing what has worked for them, nutritionally.

Testimonials: I have disguised, for privacy sake, names, and identifying characteristics of those folks who shared helpful information, which I have summarized.

PDF’s:  Martha Willmores’ printed information on Gout – what it is, how to address supporting your body to heal using nutrition.

Video: Scroll down for the link to the “Join Health Webinar”Ready to watch a video? I  also have included a webinar that many have found helpful. (bottom of page)

PDF’s – Copies of what Dr. Brouse recommends in his book “Build a Better You”.

Martha Willmore’s protocol for serve gout pdf


Dr. Brouse in his book “Build A Better You”  has a section on Gout, which I have embedded here for your information. Dr. Brouse does a great job of explaining what Gout is, and then his nutrition supplement recommendations.  (oops, read the last page first on the pdf. 1/2 page on both pages on Gout).

Gout from Dr. Brouse

Martha Willmores’ PDF on Gout (hyperuricemia)


Testimonials and Peoples Stores

One of the discussion questions started with a person talking about her friend, who was in her late 20s  and wanted to get back into working out, but she was having major gout pain, which was interfering with her workouts.

Another person shared her story about her husband who has been dealing with gout for over 40 years. What did he do to get it mostly under control?

To help his body heal he is using the following products from Shaklee: Herb lax, garlic, b-complex.

Another comment was about maintenance. One woman shared that her husbands’ plan is the following:  Life shake (protein powder) and a Life strip (nutritional supplements) every morning – plus alfalfa, herb lax, extra b-complex. She also said that eating small amounts of meat protein, emphasis on whole grains, fruits, and veggies, and to avoids all shellfish, organ meat, all liquor, soda pop, cruciferous vegetables seemed to help. Other people have issues with citrus and spinach

This was a super encouraging comment: She suggested that her client add Alfalfa to his Shaklee regimen (Life Plan,  Immunity I, Vitalized Immunity, Extra Omega-Guard daily) he noticed that his gout immediately reduced in pain and swelling! This man has declared that alfalfa is his new favorite Shaklee product.

Other comments are about how much Alfafla should a person take? That is such a good question, and it depends on each person’s body. We are all different. The jar of Alfalfa recommends that a serving is 10 tables. Folks have suggested, taking 10 Alfalfa tables  3 times a day. Plus, lots of pure water.

Another testimonial I read was a woman who had a lot of gout pain in her toe. She was on a budget, so she could only afford one product – so she decided to give the Alfalfa a try. The story goes that she took 6 tablets 3 times a day, and 2 days later her swelling was gone!

Remember your mileage may vary. We all have different stresses in our lives, and absorb nutrients differently.

I had no idea that people could be hospitalized for gout! This person was and then was released home with no improvement.  Then, as a “why not” this person started with 25 alfalfa three times a day…in a few days all signs of gout were gone!

This recommendation is from Marth Willmore (see PDF with full details)
This is a Recommended Protocol: (the products listed below are Shaklee Products)
1. Vita Lea (Multi Vitamin/mineral) ​– 1 at morning & noon (2 in total)
2. B Complex ​– 2 with each meal
3. DTX (Complete Liver Detox Formula) ​– 1 at each meal & bedtime (4 in total)
4. Alfalfa ​– 10 at each meal & bedtime (40 in total)
5. Herb Lax ​– 1 at bedtime (to support total body detox)
(This protocol costs about $5.50 per day to follow … it is recommended to follow it for 10 days and then follow-up with a daily maintenance program.)

Tart Cherry Juice also seemed to relive gout for some – who knew that could be helpful? And Shakee now has a product with Tart Cherry Juice!

Another thing to consider is what are you eating? Are you eating informatory foods?

Click here to go to the Mayo Clinic on their Gout diet: What’s allowed, what’s not.


An Important Note:

Keep in mind the  Shaklee philosophy. When Dr. Shaklee was asked what Shaklee products were good for Arthritis, he replied, “We have nothing that is good for Arthritis. Everything we have is bad for it. We only have products that are good for health.”



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