Hot Tub Maintenance, laughter, fitness and gratefulness.

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I’m laughing at myself, as I work on my task. I had fallen behind on my hot tub maintenance, and now had “water worms” again! Grrr!!! It’s the middle of winter here in Western Oregon (U.S.) and I want the freezing weather to go away so I can drain, scrub out and refill the hot tub!


Mild winter weather returned, today!  Temps in the 40s and 50s F! Who knew how handy my outdoor clothing and equipment would be? Draining the tub, draining the tub, watching the tub slowly drain, as it gets darker and darker outside…Grab the shop vacuum, hmm, it says read the directions before use. Where ARE the directions?
Plug it in to the outside outlet.  Start sucking up water out of the tub.
Oops, I’m standing in water – no worries, I have my water proof trail running shoes on, with wool socks. Vacuuming more water out of the tub… it’s draining faster now.

Tub water is warm, I can see the steam. But I’m washing down the inside with COLD water from the hose! Brrr!!!

Aha! I’ll use my water proof gloves and green cleaner to wash down the insides of the hot tub!


Getting darker outside! Grab my little running/kayaking/camping headlight. I can see to finish the job!

Thankful at age 50 I quit smoking, and needed something else to do, so I started training to walk the Eugene Marathon. Appreciative that my body and lifestyle provide me the health and support to be active and play outside!

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