How to help your body heal from a broken bone (or two). Naturally.

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Broken Bone(s)?

Looking for ways to help your body heal, so you can be up and around again?

I have pulled together information and resources that will save you time, as you are trying to figure out how to help your body heal.

This is not an exhaustive list, just information from sources that I trust.

Ok, you are stuck, with a broken bone, or two, that needs to heal. You would like to hurry that process up, right?


Where to turn?

I’m guessing that you probably have heard about Bone Broth, or Dr. Google brought it up during one of your searches… sound familiar?

Here is a great article on Bone Broth: click here.

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Nutrition for Healing

Dr. Brouse, a Portland, Oregon Chiropractor,  in his book “Build a Better You” says:

“Broken bones put a lot of stress on the nervous system and your connective tissues. We need to address the stress.

Because of your current lack of movement, you may have a decrease in circulation and accelerate muscle degeneration

A “bone-mend” combination of nutrients will help to speed your healing”

Dr. Brouse, Build a Better You pg 170

What does he suggest?

I have put his recommendations into a table for easier reading:

Alfalfa Complex – helps to reduce inflammatory conditions, helps to lower resistance to infections (enhances helper T cell count in the blood), possesses the healing hormone allantion, speed’s up recovery from trauma, and lots, lots more. Soy Protein – is an all-plant protein, naturally low in fat and naturally lactose and cholesterol-free. With all the amino acids, including the nine essential ones that the body needs, and is equal to animal protein. Protein helps to build muscle, skin, and hormones. This soy is not in the “controversial category.”
Chewable Cal Mag Plus – over 80 different biological processes require adequate calcium tissue levels for proper function. Contains calcium with Magnesium, De3, and trace elements.


Sustained Release Vita-C  C is water-soluble that has a vast number of biological functions.  We can’t produce it in our bodies. It helps to protect the heart, it’s an antioxidant and so much more, and we all need it!
Joint Health Complex –  providing the structural building blocks for maintaining healthy joint repair and herbal anti-inflammatory support.


Vita-D3  – Beyond bone health, this natural wonder improves immune, heart, bowel, and brain function. Up to 80% of North Americans may be vitamin D deficient! It’s essential for calcium absorption!
OsteoMatrix -Calcium is part of the nutritional “mortar” for building and maintain strong bones, which includes the need for critical nutrients from natural easy-to-absorb sources: vitamins D and K, magnesium, boron, zinc, copper, and manganese. Vitalizer (30 day supply)_Contains Caroto-E-Omega, Vita-Lea Advanced Multivitamin, B + C Complex, Optiflora Pearl Probiotic.


Vita-Lea – Multi-Vitamin



I consulted with a friend, who has been in Shaklee for a very, very long time and helped a lot of people with their health.

Sandy Abrams’s suggestion:


“The Vitalizer  (Multi vitamin+ Protein), with extra Zinc, Vita C, and Calcium would be wonderful. You might also want the Pain Relief Complex and Gentle Sleep Complex to relax the muscles. Physique is also a very healing drink and body building.”



Then I looked for some testimonials, what did people really use, and what was helpful, and what wasn’t.

Recommendations included: OsteoMatrix (Calcium plus), D3, Physique (drink), and Vivix (anti-aging).

Lots of D3, Alfalfa, and Vivix, is what helped one person help heal her ankle 4 years ago, at almost 60 years of age!

The Alfalfa she took helped to reduce the inflammation plus Alfalfa also contains calcium and other trace minerals that are beneficial.  She took 30 Alfalfa a day, 10 each meal per Dr. Brouse’s recommendations.

Herblax – because many medications cause constipation.

Broken Collar Bone Testimonial:

“My friend,  who helps in athletes recovery from broken bones torn tendons nerve damage, and more, told a story about a professional cyclist,  who for 6 weeks had virtually  no healing of a broken collar bone but after 1 1/2 weeks of taking Shaklee Rx for a Healthier Life, Omega Guard and CalMag, went in for his 2 week check-up had 45% healing and can start low impact riding again!  He was excited about how well he feels and isn’t tired in the afternoon anymore. The doctors were very impressed.”

Another person was talking about how broken bones will heal faster with high dose of protein (amount controlled by appetite) and extra calcium/magnesium. Remember that bones are 50% Protein. The suggestion was to start with 6 Vital-Lea (Multi-Vitamin) and add several CalMag, plus protein for healing.

Keep in mind that connective tissue requires Vitamin C – and your body can’t build collagen without it.

Another person shared:

“when I broke my ankle in Anaheim at the 2010 Global Conference I took the whole Shaklee shelf, but most important were Protein ( Meal Shakes), Vitalizer, Osteomatrix, VitaD3, and Alfalfa (a lot per Dr. Brouse’s suggestion)

I also found Pain Relief and Joint Health Complex very helpful.”

Quick Healing Testimonial:

  “Gary started on the VIVIX Wednesday, August 8th. On the 13th he had dental surgery to prepare for a tooth transplant. On the 22nd he had a follow-up visit and the dental surgeon called in some of his staff to show them that the healing process looked like it had been 4 months instead of just a few days!

He said he’d never seen anything like this before and was calling his Mother in-law who’s in Shaklee to get started on the products!  Gary’s 67 and has taken Shaklee for 34 years!”

Phyllis & Gary N.



These pages are from “A study Course in Nutrition” by Dr. Forrest Shaklee, Sr.

Bone Health from Dr. Shaklee


This page is from the “Build A Better You” book by Dr. Richard Brouse 8th edition.

Bone Health

A wonderful little newsletter about bone health from Shades

Bone Health


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