I did it, a Brick work out

by | May 8, 2012 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

It has been forever since I have done, or wanted to, or be able to do, a brick work out! Today turned out to be the day. I was sitting at my desk, in my home office (love working for my self! 🙂 ), thinking it would be a good day for a bike ride, blue sky, fluffy clouds in the sky, dry, a little chilly, a perfect fall  day.

Well, I kept working on cleaning up my laptop hard drive, getting ready to back it up, getting ready for some new software, etc. etc. and then I realized that the computer was going to take forever to run, so why not go, now! (Here it is, evening, and it’s still running a check program on the external hard drive…).

It has been forever since I have ridden my wonderful Canondale road bike.  She was just in to Collins Bike shop here in Eugene, she had been checked out, tuned up, and she was ready to roll. But was I? I had not been on her for months… Would I do the unspeakable and fall over once I got on her? It has been known to happen! lol.

So, watching the sky change from blue to darker, I figured I had best go, while I could.

What a glorious day! My bike was perfect, I didn’t wreck or fall over, and we had a great ride. I filled my water bottles with performance, ate a Chew (and brought more with me) and I was fueled! We did the Fern Ridge Bike path, about  14 miles and an added bonus… burned 563 calories! Sweet.

Then, when I got home, I felt like a run! My dog was thinking that was a great idea, she does love an adventure, ANY adventure, so off we went in the truck to the dog park and jogging trail. We were both happy!  We ran 1. 8 miles, and she got to chase her ball at the dog park (until she lost it) and we both came home tired and happy!

All in all, I played for about 2 hours! Who knew that my endurance was building back up! Wow. It’s been  at least 2 years since I have done whats called a “Brick” workout.  2 work out’s back to back. Maybe I really will be able to get back into sprint Tri’s!  Maybe I can run another 1/2 marathon! The possibilities!

I am so excited!  What a great day. What an awesome way to end a week, or begin a week-end, depending on your point of view!

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