Not Just a Pretty Face – book review of sorts

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I have been reading, and enjoying the book “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacy Malkan. If you use ANY kind of personal care products – it would be in your own best interest to read this book. It’s a quick read at 153 pages.

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I remember growing up not thinking about pollution, toxins or Corporations. As a child, I thought everyone was trying to do the right thing, or they would get into trouble. 🙂

I remember one summer, I had been away at Summer Camp and my folks drove up to pick me up. We were camping on our way home, and we were next to a creek.

We needed some water for our meal, so I took my bucket over to the creek to get the water. As I was coming back, my Dad asked me what I was doing. I told him. He just laughed and tried to explain to me that we couldn’t drink the water from the creek. How weird. I had been drinking water from streams and creeks all summer  living in Wyoming, the  Jackson Hole Wilderness area. I had no idea that most water was not safe to drink!

Why this book, today? Don’t most of us think our personal care products are safe? And that would be why this book, today.

Because the story still needs to be heard. All of our personal care products are not safe.  I can hear you say, what, not safe? The FDA regulates that, of course these products that I use every day, and put on my children are safe.

Oh, if that were only true! Apparently the FDA has no power. So, the cosmetic industry governs themselves. Hmmm, I not so sure that is a great idea.

Pinkwashing. Isn’t it awesome to see so much support for a cause? Breast Cancer Awareness for an example. Yes, and then let’s look a bit deeper. There is a list called “Top 20 Brands of Concern” based on the toxicity of their products. Guess who is on that list?

I really enjoyed hearing how the Safe Cosmetic Data base got started. It is a resource that I have used, and I have shared with many others.

I really enjoyed the way the author, Stacy Malkan takes this huge topic, which is still controversial and complex, and breaks it down so the book is readable, informative and interesting!

What do you think?


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