Sugar – Opps, lots of sugar, not so much sleep…

by | May 8, 2012 | Healthy Living | 0 comments

Drat, I know better. I was having a wonderful peaceful 3 day week-end kayaking on the Oregon Coast. We were paddling rivers I had never been on, some tidal, with a new group of folks – well, I was the new person to the group – just to be clear.

One of the guys brought some great chocolate chip cookies that he had baked. Wonderful! So tasty, my favorites… except they were made with white flour and white sugar… beginning of  my down fall.

Did I mention that I had run a 1/2 Marathon the week before? And that in my head I was still burning a TON of calories? Kind of virtual running?  🙂

Did I also mention that I have about zero will power when it comes to chocolate chip cookies? Serious, zipo!

After we got come from the trip,  I put in a lot of extra hours finishing up some projects – I work for myself – so I was a bit short on sleep. And then, near the end of the week my husband brings home a whole container of chocolate truffles to die for! They were about a zillion calories per each – white sugar, again.

Did I mention that I have no will power when it comes to chocolate?

After the week-end, I could feel the beginning of  a sore throat coming. Which is very strange because I’m just about never sick!

Thankfully I started taking Defend and Resist!  I got a little sick, took some time off, RESTING, not eating SUGAR, and I’m almost all well! Whew. I feel like I really dodged that bug. Some folks have had the sore throat cough thing forever!

Wondering about white sugar? Have you read William Duffys book Sugar Blues?  A real eye opener!



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